Samoyed sitting in the grass with tongue out.

Samoyeds in Hot Weather: From Siberia To Sunshine

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Samoyeds and hot weather mix like oil and water. The Samoyed breed grew up in the cold climate of Siberia. They were sled pullers for the Samoyed people, and their temperament made them excellent livestock herders. At night, the Samoyede people used Samoyeds as blankets to stay warm in cold winter temperatures. Samoyeds have a thick double-layered fur coat, which keeps them insulated in the winter. However, unlike humans, who can remove their coats in the summertime, the Samoyed is stuck with their fur no matter the climate. 

You would assume that Samoyeds, with all their extra fur and arctic history, would not survive in warmer climates. However, Samoyeds have mechanisms to help them adapt to hot weather. Their excess of fur is what keeps them cool on hot summer days. Let’s explore the ways a Samoyed stays cool! 

Can Samoyeds Live In Hot Weather?

Samoyed sitting on the beach.

Of course, Samoyeds can live in hot weather, as long as you have a place to keep them cool and sheltered from the hot afternoon sun. A Samoyed is much happier in a colder climate. It reminds them of their time in Siberia. You would think that Samoyeds are not suited for living in hot weather states like Florida, Texas, or California. However, a  Samoyed’s coat not only insulates them in the winter but also helps them adapt to hot weather.

To help understand this, think of insulation in your home. The goal of insulation is to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A properly insulated home will not let any air escape, which means furnaces and air conditioners don’t have to work as hard. A well-insulated Samoyed works the same way. A dog with a double-layered coat or thicker fur has an easier time adapting to climate changes than short hair dogs. Many people who see a thick furry Samoyed walking in the summer heat believe that it must be scorching hot. In reality, that fur is helping them stay cool. 

Samoyed running on the beach.

The color of a Samoyed’s fur also helps keep them cool in hot weather. Most humans avoid wearing dark colors in the summer because they attract more sunlight. A dog’s fur works the same way. Luckily for the Samoyed, it has a pure white coat that reflects the sun, keeping them cool. Of course, Samoyeds go through a shedding cycle in the spring to remove a layer of excess fur. This means you won’t have to trim them before summer begins. It’s recommended that you avoid shaving your Samoyed. You might think you’re doing them a favor, but their fur is keeping them insulated and cool.  

The Power of Panting

Close-up image of a Samoyed's tongue.

We’ve all been out on summer days, walking through the park, noticing dogs all over with their tongues out, panting. Panting is a form of evaporation, which is an effective method for dispersing heat.  When a dog starts to pant, it is exhausting hot air through its mouth. The wider a Samoyed opens their mouth and the further they stick out their tongue, the more heat they can dissipate.  If a Samoyed doesn’t want to lose heat, particularly in winter climates, it will simply breathe through its nose. When a Samoyed breathes through its nose, moisture and heat build-up in the area. This temperature control allows Samoyeds to adapt to any climate including hot weather. 

Samoyeds and Hot Weather: A Sweaty Situation

Samoyed puppy running through the  grass

You may believe that you and your Samoyed have a deep bond and connection since you do everything together. You go on walks, exercise, watch the same television shows, and eat the same food (sometimes). However, your Samoyed does not sweat as you do. You might think you’re doing your Samoyed a favor clipping their coat in the summer, but this takes away their insulating mechanism. So remember, the Samoyeds coat is an advantage in hot weather. The shorter their fur the less insulating abilities they’ll have. 

Signs Samoyeds Show When Overheating In Hot Weather

Samoyed lying in the grass with tongue out.

Samoyeds can survive in hot weather, but they don’t necessarily thrive. Sometimes it can become too much for Samoyeds to handle. There are certain signs a Samoyed will show to let you know they are overheating. 

Panting is both a blessing and a curse. If your Samoyed is panting, it is trying to stay cool. However, excessive panting paired with an elevated heart rate is a sign that your Samoyed is overheating. 

In addition to panting, if you notice Samoyeds pacing, they may be uncomfortable and the hot weather might be too much. A Samoyed lying down or sitting in the grass is usually comfortable in their environment. However, if they are pacing, it might be time to head back home. 

Lastly, if your Samoyed is outside and begins to bark, whine, or paw at the door, it wants to go back inside to cool down. 

Working With The Hot Weather

Samoyed drinking water with tongue out.

It’s a good idea to take extra precautions to keep Samoyeds as cool as possible in hot weather. Samoyeds love to exercise. They need about 2 hours of exercise per day to stay healthy. It’s best to exercise your Samoyed at dawn or dusk when the sun is low and temperatures are cooler. This helps to prevent your Samoyed from overheating.

While you might think hopping in the pool on a hot day would be the best way to cool off your sweating Samoyed, they may not be so excited to join you. Samoyed are not natural swimmers. This is due to their thick double-layered fur coats. When they get out of the water, they feel weighed down. However, with enough exposure and training, a Samoyed can learn to love the water.   

Think about walking barefoot on hot pavement? Sounds painful right? Avoid walking your Samoyed on hot pavement, as this will burn their paws. Take them to a field where the grass is much cooler than pavement. And don’t leave them in your car for any reason.

If you do decide to exercise your Samoyed outside of cooler hours make sure you’re in an area with a lot of shade where the dog can rest and cool down. And be sure to bring any essentials with you. A doggy water bottle and portable dog food bowl will help keep your Samoyed energized while cooling off in the shade. Water will also help to prevent dehydration. 

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When you get back home, rub down your Samoyed with a cool towel. Not only will this help recover from the hot weather, but it also cleans off any mud trapped in their coat. 

In Conclusion

Samoyeds coats do more than insulate them from colder temperatures. Their coats keep them cool in hot weather, high afternoons, and the blazing sun. You’ll want to take precautions with your Samoyed to ensure their comfort in hot weather. As much as possible take them out when the sun is down and always have a water bottle ready. While most Samoyeds have no problem handling hot weather, you don’t want to test their limits. Exercise them in ideal temperatures and keep them cool as much as possible.

Do you own a Samoyed while living in a hotter climate? What’s your experience? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!