Samoyed running with owner

Your Guide To Samoyed Exercise Needs

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Samoyed exercise needs are demanding. This bread is like the energizer bunny of dogs. They just keep going. So if you’re considering getting a Samoyed of your own, you first want to make sure you can keep up with them. 

Any Samoyed owner will tell you, these smiling white furballs have more energy than they know what to do with. Not only are Samoyeds playful and active dogs, but they’re highly intelligent as well. This means, in addition to stimulating them physically, you need to stimulate them mentally too.

A bored Samoyed is a destructive Samoyed. So if you don’t want your couch torn apart, then you need to make sure your Sammy is getting enough physical and mental exercise. From Samoyed exercise needs to different activities you can do with your dog, we’ll cover it all in this article.

How much exercise does a Samoyed really need?

Adult Samoyeds will require a minimum of 1 hour of exercise per day. However, 2 hours per day would be ideal. These hours don’t need to be consecutive. But, Samoyeds thrive on routine, so keeping your daily doggy exercise rituals consistent will do well for your furry friend. 

If your Samoyed is still a puppy, they will require far less physical activity for the first 6 months of their life. During this time, the dog’s bones are still developing and you don’t want to over-exert them. 

You may go on short walks, preferably in places where your Samoyed will have a chance to socialize with other dogs. But as a puppy, most of your dog’s activity will likely come from playing with toys. A tug rope is a great toy to engage your pup in physical play.

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Samoyed and owner playing

Ability vs need

Samoyeds need plenty of exercise. But, they aren’t great at knowing their own limits. Like the energizer bunny, your Samoyed will just keep going and going when it comes to playtime. So it’s up to you to recognize the signs of a tired Sammy.

Activities to try with your Samoyed

A daily walk with your Samoyed is a must. This gives your dog a chance to bond with you, socialize with others, and get some physical activity too. 

It is possible for Samoyeds to go for off-leash walks. However, it’s quite difficult to reach this point as Samoyeds have a strong tendency to run away. Try letting them off-leash in a controlled area, like your backyard first. 

But a Samoyed’s exercise needs require more than just walking to keep their minds and bodies occupied. So let’s talk about some other activities to try with your Samoyed.

Samoyed jumping through an agility course

Agility training for Samoyeds

Setting up a backyard agility course will be a real treat for your canine companion. Agility courses require you to verbally guide your Samoyed through a series of obstacles. This type of Samoyed exercise works the body and the brain.

These obstacles might include jumping through tires, over bars, and running through a series of  tunnels. The ultimate goal is to get through the course quickly and without error.

According to famous Dog Behavior Expert, Cesar Millan, agility training fulfills your dog’s natural instincts. Millan also believes agility training is a great bonding opportunity for you and your dog. 

And as a bonus, running the course will help you get in shape too. Setting up a backyard course is pretty simple. And you can find pre-built courses for good prices online. 

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Backyard play for Samoyed exercise

Of course, you can’t overlook the classics. Playing fetch  in your backyard is still an excellent way for your Samoyed to get fit. 

According to the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, you’ll want to ensure your backyard is secure before you head out for playtime. Samoyeds are expert escape artists. So, a loose fence post is basically an invitation to run off.

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Can you dig it?

Samoyeds are natural diggers. So setting up a designated digging area in your yard will be an activity they will love you for. If you don’t want to mess up the yard, try looking for a sandbox for your Samoyed instead.

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Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for humans and dogs alike. Now, Samoyeds aren’t natural-born swimmers. But with a little training and a little encouragement, you can get your dog comfortable with hopping in the lake for a quick swim.

Samoyed digging

When is the best time to exercise with your Samoyed?

Samoyeds originate from very cold climates. And although their double coat helps them regulate their body temp, they can easily overheat in the warmer months. To avoid an overheated dog, try to get their physical activity done in the morning or late afternoon after the sun is past its peak. 

What happens if your Samoyed doesn’t get enough exercise?

If you don’t foresee yourself being able to keep up with Samoyed exercise needs, then you shouldn’t get one. This is because a Samoyed who doesn’t get enough exercise will have too much pent-up energy. 

Samoyeds demand attention. And they don’t do well when left alone, either. A Samoyed who’s left alone for more than a few hours at a time could bark loudly, rip up furniture, or get into something dangerous. 

In conclusion…

If there’s a Samoyed in your future, we hope you’re ready for the physical demands that the breed comes with. But don’t worry. Seeing your dog’s smiling face each day makes all of the hard work worth it. 

If you’re already a Samoyed owner, what are your dog’s favorite ways to exercise?