This Samoyed sits alone waiting for its owner. But how long can a samoyed be left alone?

How Long Can A Samoyed Be Left Alone?

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Light. Fluffy. Soft. Clean. Adorable! Wool blankets. These are some phrases that might spring to mind when you see a cute picture of someone’s favorite dog breed, the Samoyed. At first glance, the Samoyed can be mistaken for a polar bear cub. Look again and you’ll see one of the happiest fur balls you’ll ever meet. However, that happiness depends on the Samoyed getting to see its owner….a lot! If you’re thinking of adopting these bundles of fun, get ready to spend as much time with them as possible. The Samoyed is not a dog for travel enthusiasts who rarely see the inside of their homes. Below we’ll discuss how long a Samoyed can be left alone and strategies to build a healthy relationship with the breed.

Who Is The Samoyed?

Samoyed running through snow

A tour through the Samoyed’s history can explain their deep attachment to humans. It also explains why a Samoyed can’t be left alone for long. Samoyeds are bred to pull sleds, hunt, and herd livestock. Their calm demeanor made them better herders than hunters. 

Samoyed’s were companions to Siberia’s Samoyede people, hence their name. They worked in below sixty-degree temperatures, but their thick coats protected them from the harsh environment. 

As a pack animal, the Samoyed is used to following its Alpha’s lead, another reason why it can’t be left alone for long. Once a Samoyed is removed from its pack, it needs a new alpha leader, which is where you come in. 

Samoyed’s are smart, social, and mischievous dogs who demand love and attention from their owners. It is up to you to lead them towards obedience. 

It’s All About You

You are the key powering that signature “Samoyed Smile.” Everything a Samoyed needs for a happy life revolves around you. This is why they can’t be left alone for long. 

Samoyeds love to exercise and have enough energy to power a Tesla. They’re a sled dog after all! A long walk, a jog, or a game of fetch is exactly what a Samoyed needs. 

And of course, try exercising when it’s cold out. The Samoyed’s thick coat is not ideal for sweltering summer afternoons. 

They don’t just need companionship from you, they’ll need it from other hoomans in your house too! Samoyeds love kids and people in general.

Back in Siberia, Samoyeds lived in tents with groups of people, and they are very comfortable living in smaller homes. However, if the home is small, daily rigorous exercise becomes even more important. 

Samoyeds need at least two hours of daily exercise to tire them out.  Make sure to keep your Samoyed on a leash on your journeys. Their hunting instinct will have them chasing any critter crossing their path. 

Mostly though, the Samoyed will not tap into their hunting instinct. They are calm enough to be great watchdogs. A watchdog is hyper-vigilant. They will alert you to dangers you can’t see coming. 

You will often see the dog jump back on its hind legs or start barking if it notices something suspicious. This is to protect itself, but more importantly, you. 

However, Samoyeds are not guard dogs. The Samoyed will only let you know that danger is around the corner, it’s up to you to take action. A guard dog will let you know about the danger and take charge.  

How Long Can A Samoyed Be Left Alone?

Samoyed and a girl keeping each other company.

Most breeds can handle spending some of their day alone without human companionship. Houses are usually empty from morning to afternoon as owners go to work and kids go to school. 

Every dog must go through an adjustment phase to get used to this. It’s ok to leave a Samoyed alone for a couple of hours. 

Going grocery shopping or running errands is no problem. But a full day of work at the office could leave the Samoyed in distress. 

There are some dog breeds who love a quiet house, but Samoyeds are not one of them. It’s best to leave your Samoyed unattended for no longer than four hours at a time. Eight hours of alone time can be devastating to a Sammy.  

Why Do Samoyeds Need So Much Time With You?

It goes back to their world revolving around you. You provide everything that keeps a Samoyed happy and healthy. You are their rock. They are bred to be around humans and spend time in packs. 

You are there to exercise them. And if they don’t get their exercise, they’ll exert their energy destroying your house. Like any other breed, Samoyeds need their fair share of bathroom breaks. Which makes an eight-hour workday difficult. 

On average the Samoyed should be let out to use the facilities at least three to five times per day. 

What Will A Samoyed Do If Left Alone For Too Long?

Things happen and sometimes you leave your Samoyed unattended for longer than expected. You may think you’ve trained your dog well, and maybe it’ll be sad, but immediately happy to see you come through the front door after a long day of loneliness. However, Samoyeds, even when they’re well trained, can get up to carnage in your absence.

Go Barking Mad

This won’t win you any friendships with your neighbors. If a Samoyed doesn’t see you step back through the front door in two minutes it will start a barking marathon until you return. With enough love and attention, you may never hear your Samoyed bark unless it’s trying to alert you of danger. But your departure will awaken its inner demons.

Taking Out Their Anger On Your Sofa

If you fail to exercise a Samoyed before you leave the house, or if you play a risky game of waiting until you come home from work to exercise your Sammy, it might get up to some activities of its own. 

Samoyeds have a short attention span. They tend to get bored easily. So they’ll wander around your house looking for something to keep them preoccupied. 

Sometimes they’ll run up and down your stairs, other times they’ll chew a hole through your sofa. More than anything, the Samoyed becomes annoyed with both your absence and lack of activities while waiting for your return. So they lash out in boredom and frustration. 

To keep them preoccupied, give them something else to chew on instead of your cushions. Buying a chew toy for your Samoyed is a great idea to take their focus away from your couch. 

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Giving A Crap

Samoyeds care about you. They think about you when you’re gone and they spend countless hours imagining all the exercises and fun that’s waiting for them when you return. 

Then, nature calls. That tiny bladder can only hold on for so long. The Samoyed knows better and doesn’t want to let you down, but Niagara Falls is ready to break the barrier. 

They try to take their mind off the pressure by eating some chow, but this only makes things worse. Now nature is knocking at door number two. You get the picture. 

Samoyeds really do make an effort to hold in their bodily functions, but they can only hold out for so long. You need to take your Samoyed out to do its business before you leave and right after you return. Then grab a frisbee and give that dog some exercise!

Does My Samoyed Have Separation Anxiety Or Can It Just Not Be Left Alone?

Two Samoyeds wearing scarves outside

Although a Samoyed can develop separation anxiety, it is not born with the condition. Samoyeds are simply people dogs. 

They are major extroverts and can’t stand spending time alone. They don’t just watch you go through life, they want to be a part of your life. And when they don’t have the opportunity to hang out with you, they become sad and lonely. 

You will be able to quickly spot the difference between a healthy Samoyed’s behavior in your absence, and a Sammy suffering from separation anxiety. 

A dog with separation anxiety is in a state of panic when left alone. They are usually hyper-attached to a single individual in the house. If that person isn’t present, the dog panics.

Their behavior can range from excessively biting their own body parts to pawing at the door endlessly until the individual returns. 

Dogs with separation anxiety can also lose control of their bodily functions. They sweat and drool excessively. Vomiting, defecating, and urinating indoors can be another extreme. 

If your Samoyed, or any dog for that matter, starts displaying this behavior, take them to a vet for a check-up. 

Negotiating Some Time For Your Samoyed To Be Left Alone

There are strategies to keep you and your Samoyed happy. After all, if you can’t head out for work, your Samoyed won’t be pleased with no roof over its head (or maybe it will). 

Finding Some Dog Loving Friends

Everyone needs a break. Even Samoyed owners. Sometimes you want to go on a weekend getaway or a week-long vacation. 

A Samoyed can’t last a day without you, let alone a week! You’ll have to find some dog-loving friends or a good kennel. 

Having a good friend on call who doesn’t mind spending some time with your Samoyed is a luxury you must give yourself if you love to travel. 

Coming Home For Lunch

If your office is close to home it wouldn’t hurt to visit your lonely Samoyed during your lunch hour. And while you are at it save a few pennies by making lunch at home! 

This is a perfect time to take the dog out to use the washroom and even mix in a quick round of exercise. Make this your weekday routine, then your Samoyed knows that you won’t be gone for long. 

If Your Samoyed Can’t Be Left Alone For Long, Look For A Dog Walker

If work is far from home and there’s no possibility of visiting on your lunch hour, a dog-walker is a good alternative. This gives your Samoyed the mid-day exercise it craves and keeps it preoccupied until you return. It also gives your Samoyed a chance to socialize with other dogs in the pack. 

Wake Up At The Crack Of Dawn

This makes a world of difference. Getting up earlier to tire out your Samoyed before you head off to work is a great way to ensure your house doesn’t get ripped to shreds. 

If you exercise your Samoyed in the morning, come home to spend time with it at lunch, then offer an additional round of exercise in the evening, your Samoyed may never stop smiling. This is also a perfect time to get some exercise of your own. A long jog can be the perfect bonding opportunity between you and your Sammy.  

Crate Train Your Samoyed

If all else fails and you’re concerned about what your Samoyed gets up to unsupervised, then try crate training

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Now, in some instances crate training can increase barking. So, if you do leave your Samoyed crated, make sure you come home during lunch and give it some attention. There is no doubt it will be annoyed and bored locked in a crate for hours on end. 

Now May Be The Best Time To Buy A Samoyed

With the pandemic and lockdowns still in full effect, everyone is spending a lot of time at home. And much like the Samoyed, we are all bored and annoyed. 

Now could be the perfect time to purchase a Samoyed for yourself or your family. Since everyone is working from home, a Samoyed can receive all the love, affection, and attention it craves. 

However, if the lockdown ends and you have to go back into the office, this may shock your Samoyed.

Being used to so much attention, it will begin to wonder where everyone went. The lockdown and working from home means you’re only postponing the “Alone Time” training the Samoyed requires. 

To avoid this, try to go out and run errands, leaving your Samoyed home alone. This will build its alone time tolerance. The more time your Samoyed spends alone, the easier it’ll be to manage if working from home ends.

The Samoyed is a people dog. The ideal Samoyed owner is a family, which gives the dog a support group instead of a sole individual. 

Being a single Samoyed owner can be tough, as more often than not you’ll be out of the house, without a dog sitter. With a family, there is almost always someone home who can take care of the Samoyed. 

Remember to give the Samoyed daily exercise and affection. The goal is to tire it out to the point where it’ll only want to rest when alone. 

And if you ever have to take a family vacation or personal trip, leave you Samoyed in the right hands. It’ll be smiling when you return!