A Samoyed and other dogs playing in the snow.

Are Samoyeds Better Than Other Dogs?

Samoyeds are pretty amazing dogs. Qualities like their fluffy coats, intelligence, and easygoing nature certainly make them the breed to beat. So, are Samoyeds better than other dogs, or is it all hype?

In our opinion, Samoyeds are the best dogs ever! A dog with the right combination of beauty, energy, intelligence, and friendliness sounds perfect. These dogs have a whole list of qualities that make them “top dogs,” including their fluffiness, smiles, and more.

Are Samoyeds Better Than Other Dogs?

A Samoyed and another dog outside.
Even if the Samoyed is better, it’s getting along just fine with this other dog.

To answer this question, we’re going to take a look at several key areas, starting with personality.


Samoyeds are known for their friendly and loving personalities. These dogs are energetic social animals who love human company. They’re attention seekers, too, and will do anything to get your focus – whether it’s begging for treats or learning a new trick! They make great family pets because they come naturally friendly and affectionate.

Samoyeds are renowned for their intelligence and loyal temperament too. They are easy to train and with proper socialization, they excel at obedience training and other forms of canine therapy. If you are looking for the perfect blend of independence and affection, the Samoyed is the dog for you!


Samoyeds have compelling physical features – from their sweet almond eyes to their striking white coats. They also have distinct upturned mouth corners, which result in a permanent smile. Through this smile, they have warmed their way into our hearts and earned the nickname, “Smilin’ Sammie.”

Samoyeds are also beautiful dogs. Their beautifully curved tails are carried high when they are excited or alert, giving them a regal look. They also have wedge-shaped heads with triangular-shaped ears.

Activity Levels 

You can never tire out a Sammy! Having a history as a working dog, the Samoyed is a high-energy breed. They need an adequate amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation to thrive.

Samoyeds are also adventurous by nature. They enjoy taking long walks, running, hiking, and other forms of physical stimulation. If you are an adventure junkie, this is the dog for you!

Maintenance Needs

Because of their thick, luscious coats, Samoyeds need a lot more grooming than short-haired breeds. Daily brushing and regular bathing are simply the prices owners must pay for owning such elegant-looking dogs.

Due to their high energy level, these dogs also need a decent amount of exercise. A 5-minute walk a day won’t do for your Sammie. A fully grown Samoyed needs at least 1-2 hours of exercise per day. These dogs need the right amount of physical and mental stimulation to avoid developing behavioral issues.

Life Span 

Samoyeds can live as long as 12-15 years. Samoyeds are generally healthy dogs that live a long time when cared for properly. According to Pet MD, the average lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years, so it’s safe to say that the Samoyed got a pretty good deal.  

Note that the length and quality of your Samoyeds life will depend on several factors, including size, genetics, nutrition, exercise, and general health.


When thinking about getting a new dog, we are often worried about whether they will get along with the entire family. This isn’t a fear with Samoyeds, though, as they are THE family dog. These dogs are loyal, almost to a fault. They are affectionate and lovable and can make great alert dogs if trained appropriately.

However, Samoyeds may not be the right choice for your family if anyone has allergies. Samoyeds are not 100% hypoallergenic dogs and can cause serious allergic reactions in susceptible family members.


An attention-seeking breed like the Samoyed absolutely adores kids. The Samoyed’s gentle and loyal nature makes them a great fit for kids. Their energetic nature also makes them perfect for playing with kids. In fact, Pet Net ID and AKC give Samoyeds five stars on their scales of child-friendliness.

As with any dog breed, interactions between dogs and Samoyeds should always be supervised though.

Conclusion: Are Samoyeds Better Than Other Dogs?  

Call us biased, but we believe that Samoyeds are the best dog breed in the world. Their beauty, amazing temperament, and loving nature are a few characteristics that make them the top dog.

But what do you think about Samoyeds? Do you think they’re the best dog, or is there another dog breed that’s better? Let us know in the comments below!

Toluwalase Soneye
Toluwalase Soneye
Toluwalase Soneye is a 4th-year veterinary medical student at the University of Ibadan. She is a pet writer who enjoys creating content that promotes animal welfare and educates pet owners. In her free time, she enjoys watching sitcoms and anime and cuddling her 2-year-old Rottweiler, Chester.