A professional groomer grooming a Samoyed.

Do Samoyeds Need Professional Grooming?

Having that gorgeous fluffy white coat doesn’t stay like that just by itself. That means that just as humans need to visit a professional to try and do their haircut, it is the same in the animal world too. Especially if your dog goes to dog shows! However, does that mean Samoyeds need professional grooming too?

Samoyeds do need professional grooming on occasion or if the owner is not ready to do it themselves. This does not mean you should take the dog for a simple brush though. This is something that you should do on a daily basis. But when it comes to washing, nail trimming, and more, a professional groomer could be a good option, especially for a Samoyed.

How Often Should I Groom My Samoyed?

Having a long, fluffy, double coat means grooming is something all owners should be aware of when they are getting a Samoyed puppy. If you don’t brush your Samoyed, the coat will become tangled and clogged, which will then collect even more dirt and make it impossible to remove it. 

Matting also can lead to infection of the skin, which your dog won’t be happy about, and neither will you. That will probably mean a visit to the doctor and special shampoo, as well as other expensive treatments.

This is why once you get a Samoyed puppy, you should both get used to a daily routine of brushing. On a daily basis, brushing should not last long and should be a fun experience, so once the puppy gets used to this, you’ll be able to brush them for as long as you need. 

When Should I Take My Samoyed To The Professional Groomer?

A professional groomer blow drying and combing a Samoyed's fur.
That’s a lot of fur to take care of!

That pretty much depends on how much you are willing to spend at the groomer. However, in general, it is usually good to visit the groomer at least once a month for better deep cleaning and rinsing, as well as better brushing.

Dogs at the groomers get a wash, usually with special shampoo and conditioning, which helps them later when they need to comb their coat. In some cases, when the dog is matted, they may use a shampoo that helps loosen up those mats. After the dog is washed, groomers speed up the drying of the coat and then use big powerful blowers to dry the dog. Of course, not every dog handles these loud blowers well, but with training, they can.

How To Prepare My Samoyed For The Groomer

Owning a Sammie means you will be making regular visits to the groomer’s salon. And even though the groomer is not as scary as the vet, some dogs may get scared and anxious from all the touching, and the loud sounds blowers make. 

This is why professional groomers always advise new owners to start bringing their puppies to the salon after they have finished their vaccinations and are out of quarantine (or to at least expose them to something similar as much as possible). This way, the Samoyed puppy will get introduced to the new sights, smells, and all the other things that come with a groomer.

As an owner, this works for you too because sometimes you won’t be able to take your dog to the groomer, and you may need to give a bath to your dog to blowdry it. There is nothing better than having a Sammie that is already used to everything and knows the drill.

Can Professional Groomers Give My Samoyed A Hairstyle?

There aren’t many options for this when it comes to grooming a Sammie, unfortunately. But there are groomers who could do one of the two known Samoyed hairstyles. 

The Classic Samoyed Look 

This hairstyle doesn’t really change the original look of the Samoyed; it only makes sure your dog has shiny, fluffy, and mat-free fur. Groomers always know how to fluff out the fur when they are blowing it dry, so your dog may look a little different than you’re used to.

The Cotton Ball Look

The name says it all! The groomer will cut the tips of the fluff to shape it like a cotton ball. Whenever your dog runs, it really does look like a giant cotton ball is on the move!

Conclusion: Do Samoyeds Need Professional Grooming?

Sammies are dogs that require quite a lot of time when it comes to taking care of their fur. That is, of course, if you want to have a fluff ball that is always white and catches the eye of everyone around them. So, get ready for everyday brushing. Our best recommendation is that at least once a month, take your Samoyed to a professional groomer. They really earn the title of “professional,” after all.

So, is your Samoyed in dire need of professional grooming? Let us know in the comments below!

Dr. Nade Georgieva
Dr. Nade Georgieva
Dr. Nade Georgieva, DVM, PG Dipp (Anesthesia and Analgesia) Nade is a young veterinarian from North Macedonia, with five years of experience in small animal clinical practice. She graduated from the Veterinary Faculty in Skopje, after which she got employed in her hometown. She has shown great interest in the field of pain management and anesthesia, and was the first vet in the country to continue education in the field. In 2021 she graduated with Distinction at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh, obtaining the title Postgraduate Diploma-Anesthesia and Analgesia. Nade is owned by a year old black Labrador retriever named Fred and she loves spending her time outdoors with her dog and friends. In her spare time, she also loves to learn to play the guitar and take photos of nature and animals.