A Samoyed being groomed by the groomer.

How Often Should I Take My Dog To The Groomer?

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Regular grooming is important for our dogs. They need to have a bath, brushed fur, and short nails every time. You can achieve this by taking your dog to the groomer at least every 4-6 weeks.

A dog should be taken to the groomer at least every 4-6 weeks, more so if they have thick fur.

When should I take my dog to the groomer?

A dog at the groomer while being groomed.
Looks like a great time for the doggy.

When you have just gotten a new puppy, one of the most important duties as an owner is to teach it properly about the process of grooming. The right moment to take your puppy to the groomer is after it has taken its vaccinations and been cleared by the veterinarian. This moment is around 16 weeks old, but your veterinarian will let you know when it’s time.

The puppy needs to be vaccinated because grooming shops are places that are visited by lots of dogs. Thus, the puppy will be exposed to germs from those dogs, which the vaccinations will protect against. And, you have to take it to the groomer for the first time at this young age because the younger they are the easier it would be to get comfortable with the grooming process.

What are the important procedures during grooming?

During grooming, your dog is going to be brushed, bathed, dried, have their fur trimmed, nails cut, and their ears cleaned. So, there is a long procedure that in the end will make your dog look cuter and smell much better than when you brought it to the groomer.

So, the first procedure that your groomer will do is to brush them to see if there is some matted hair. After making the hair smoother, the groomer will wash your dog using professional dog shampoo and conditioner for dogs. Then they will dry your dog’s hair and brush them again.

After this the groomer will start trimming your dog’s hair, getting it shorter to your preferences. Some groomers prefer grooming the dog first, then washing it. This is also the part when the groomer will clean your dog’s ears and carefully cut their nails.

Which tools does the groomer use?

After explaining to you the grooming procedure, we will now explain the groomer’s equipment. They use different equipment and solutions for every step.

In the brushing process, there are different kinds of brushes. This depends on the kind of dog such as if its hairs are long or curly or matted. 

As there are different brushes, there are also different shampoos. The shampoo depends on the color of your dog’s hair, the type of dog, and if the dog has a medical condition because there are medical shampoos the groomer can use if recommended by the veterinary doctor.

Another important piece of equipment is the table where the groomer will work with the dog and the blow dryer machine. 

The scissors are important too while grooming. There are different types of scissors, normal straight, curved, rarefied scissors, big or small ones. Then they have nail clippers, which can be big or small too. They will use ear cleaners as well.

Do I have to use any tools to help with grooming?

But what you can do to help with the grooming to make your dog look cuter and have healthy fur? First, you can do the brushing them regularly and at home, using the brushes or combs that are special for your dog’s fur. So, if you brush often their fur would be softer, smoother, and have fewer mats.

Another thing is playing with your dog’s paws, this will help your groomer a lot because your dog will feel more comfortable when your groomer will cut its nails. What you mustn’t do is use scissors. This is absolutely not a good idea. It is very dangerous for your dog. He might move while you are cutting his hair and might have an accident there.

Does a Samoyed require a lot of grooming? 

Like other dogs, Samoyeds require grooming and sometimes more than the other breeds. Samoyeds have a thick double coat with a long, soft wooly undercoat.

You should try to brush every day on your Samoyed, especially during the shedding season.  During this season you may need to brush your Samoyed or take it to the groomer often.

You can take your Samoyed to the groomer so they can wash and dry them. Samoyed sometimes needs to cut their hair too, but not to shave it completely, just to give it a little cut with scissors by a professional groomer. There are different models that your groomer can use so they will look really beautiful.

No groomer or owner should completely shave a Samoyed though. If you decide to shave them, it would be a big mistake because Samoyeds without fur can be sunburned or suffer from extreme temperatures.

In conclusion: How often should I take my dog to the groomer?

So, I hope all this information informs you correctly about why grooming is so important and how often you should take your dog to a groomer. At least every 4-6 weeks you should visit your dog’s groomer but if you have a long-haired dog like a Samoyed, you may have to visit the groomer more often due to their long hair or the shedding season.

So, what did you most learn from all this? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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