A professional groomer taking care to groom a Samoyed.

How To Groom A Samoyed – 4 Easy-To-Follow Steps

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The fluffy white coat is characteristic of Samoyeds. Although there are professional groomers that can keep the Samoyed fur in perfect shape, there are some Samoyeds that can get nervous or even stressed during their visits to the groomer. So, learning how to groom a Samoyed at home will help maintain the fur of our Samoyed while avoiding unnecessary stress.

How to groom a Samoyed is easy but elaborate. It consists of only 4 steps: the untangling, the bath, cleaning its ears and teeth, and cutting its claws. It will only take you a couple of hours per week.

When To Start With The Grooming Routine For A Samoyed?

Groomer grooming a Samoyed in her shop.
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Like any other routine, it is better to start it with your dog when it is still a puppy so it gets used to it earlier. It’s also easier to get a puppy used to new routines.

As soon as you complete your puppy vaccination schedule and the veterinarian authorizes it, you should start with the bathing routine. Doing the routine this early helps teach the puppy that the water isn’t scary, helps you practice so it won’t bite you while you’re cutting its nails, and keep its fur nice and clean without getting scared of the hair dryer.

Although it is difficult to create routines in adult or elderly dogs, with love and patience you can successfully get your dog used to the grooming routine. If your dog gets nervous, you can calm it with a soft voice tone, petting it, and giving food during the grooming. Old dogs can learn new tricks too!

What Do You Need To Groom A Samoyed?

Below are some tools you’ll need to groom a Samoyed:

  1. Warm water so your dog won’t get cold
  2. Dematting comb
  3. Slicker brush
  4. Detangling spray for dogs
  5. Dog shampoo
  6. Towel
  7. Hair dryer
  8. Ear cleaner for dogs
  9. Cotton balls
  10. Dog nail clipper

First Step: The Untangling

As the fur of the Samoyed is long, it is usual that it gets tangled. For this step, you will use the dematting comb to remove loose hair and eliminate tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt.

Then, gently without irritating or scratching your dog’s skin, use the slicker brush to comb down dead hair. If the fur still has some knots, you should use the detangling spray for dogs so that you don’t hurt your dog’s skin.

This step is important. If you jump directly to the bath, water will get trapped in the knots and will generate an ideal environment for fungi on your dog’s skin.

Second Step: The Bath

Depending on the weather, you could bathe your dog in the bathroom or the backyard, making sure the water is warm. First, wet all the fur, then apply the dog shampoo, making sure to lather everywhere including between the paws and the pads. Rinse perfectly, taking care not to get water in the eyes, nose, or mouth of your dog. 

Next, dry your dog with a towel for a few seconds. Let your dog shake a couple of times, then finish drying it with the hair dryer. Last, use the slicker brush comb once again.

Third Step: The Ears

In this step, use either ear wipes for dogs or a soaked cotton ball in ear cleaner for dogs. Dry cleaning the ears of a dog could irritate its skin. Besides, this liquid formula helps remove wax and dirt on the ears.

Fourth Step: The Paws and Claws

Once the paws are completely dry, you can proceed to clip the claws by following the next steps:

  • Pick up one paw
  • Take your thumb and place it on the pad of a toe
  • Take your forefinger and place it on top of the toe
  • With the dog nail clipper, clip only the tip of the nail, the translucid part, avoiding the pink part so it won’t bleed.

If it’s your first time clipping your dog’s nails, you can get a lesson from your veterinarian. 

How Often You Should Groom A Samoyed

Samoyed fur is a double coat so it requires much grooming, trimming, and removal of dead undercoats. So, it is necessary to comb Samoyeds daily to promote blood circulation of the skin, which makes the hair grow shinier. The complete routine with bathing only needs to be done monthly.

Also, if you want to keep Samoyed fur looking nice, you could use a waterless shampoo for dogs. You only need to apply it to all its body, let it dry, then brush it off.

Key Takeaways: How To Groom A Samoyed

Samoyed fur requires special care, and owners often turn to professional groomers working in equipped facilities to avoid the hard work of the dog biting or scratching them. However, when it comes to how to groom a Samoyed, it is possible for you to do it too. It’s easier to start when they’re younger, but with enough patience and training, even an old dog can learn how to let you groom it.

Now, what do you think? Ready to start grooming your Samoyed or ready to go to a professional? Let us know your thoughts and why in the comments below!

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