A Samoyed with its family on the beach.

Are Samoyeds Good Family Dogs?

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Few additions are as important to a family as a good dog. You know this, so you’re doing your research to make sure you get a good breed that’s going to provide the most love and joy for your family. There are the traditional favorites, of course. You have your Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds, dogs which have proven their worth many times over. Are Samoyeds good family dogs too though? Do they live up to their nickname, “Smiling Sammy,” and bring that same smile to your family? The good news is that they absolutely do! Here are several reasons why.

Samoyeds Love Us

A Samoyed in winter with its paws on a girl's shoulders.

This is one of the Samoyed’s greatest traits and something any Samoyed owner would say is well earned. From top to bottom a Samoyed is a dog that loves us. They love to be a part of the pack and for a long time now we have been that pack they love. This goes all the way back to when the breed was being used to help herd reindeer in Siberia. They also assisted with hunting and sled work, but what really gives the Samoyed a historic edge in terms of human care is the fact that they kept people warm at night. This included children as well, and the Samoyeds accomplished this by sleeping on their families, keeping them warm with their thick fur. 

These days, although our survival needs have changed, a Samoyed’s love for us has not. They still love to sleep with us, still love to play with us, and still love to love us. As one of the leaders of your family, the Samoyed will most likely bond to you as being the alpha. Once that happens, your family becomes their pack and from then on they’re going to be with them every step of the way. Just don’t be surprised one night if you wake up to a mess of fur sleeping on you. It’s just because they want to help you in their own doggy way.

Are Samoyeds Good With Kids

A girl hugging a Samoyed and smiling.

The most important aspect of your family is your kids. It’s for them that you’re looking to get a dog after all. A good breed that can give them good memories, but even the best of dogs still need to be gentle when handling that most precious part of your life. So, are Samoyeds good family dogs in the most important way?

The answer is an easy yes. Samoyeds have been used to hunt, but when it comes to your kids they view them as part of their pack. They’re also gentle and good-natured, so while it’s still important to teach your kids how to handle a dog, Samoyeds are a good pick in that regard.

Samoyeds also love to play. With younger kids, this can give them a reason to go outside and exercise. Even if they’re not joining the Samoyed to play, a Samoyed’s antics can keep your kids entertained for a long time. This is especially true considering how much energy a Samoyed has and how much exercise they need each day to get it out. 

In short, a bond between your children and future Samoyed will last a lifetime. 

Samoyeds Have Good Biology

A Samoyed puppy running through the grass.

Samoyeds are healthy dogs. This reason actually covers a couple areas of doggy ownership. The first is how healthy the breed is, and in this Samoyeds are winners. Unlike other breeds, Samoyeds’ genes have largely been left alone by humans, leaving them just as strong and hearty as they’ve always been. 

Also, Samoyeds are hypoallergenic. Although no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, you might assume because of their thick fur that Samoyeds aren’t great for folks with allergies. While this is dependent on many factors, it is worth noting that even with their fur Samoyeds produce lower dander than expected. In addition, that smile that they’re always sporting? It actually means they won’t drool. So, aside from not having to deal with doggy drool, you get the added bonus of not having to deal with the allergies it can cause either.

Samoyeds can also do just fine in warmer climates. It is worth being aware of the potential warning signs of overheating, but Samoyeds have some advantages here. Because their fur is white, they’ll repel the sun’s rays, and because of their insulating double coats they can adapt to warm or cold climates.

Are There Any Downsides To Owning A Samoyed?

A Samoyed with a towel on after a bath.

At this point, it seems like the question, “Are Samoyeds good family dogs” has been answered with a definitive “yes.” There are some downsides to consider before going ahead with adding one to your family though. The biggest one is going to be maintenance. You’ve probably guessed this by now but because of the thickness of a Samoyed’s coat, they will need grooming each and every day. The positive to this is that this can be a bonding experience for you and your dog. It could even be a learning experience for your children with the task assigned as a daily responsibility. 

Samoyeds will also shed a lot. This includes shedding their undercoat twice a year. Knowing this going in though means you can plan for this issue. Plus, this could be another responsibility for your kids.

One more thing to know is that Samoyeds require plenty of attention and exercise. Because they’re so attached to humans, it can be hard for them to be separated from their families for more than about four hours. So, make sure to spend plenty of time with your Samoyed.

So, Are Samoyeds Good Family Dogs?

Even with some downsides, it should come as no surprise that Samoyeds are good family dogs. They have a long history of working and living alongside humans, they love us as much as we love them, they’re great with kids, and they’ve got good health. Deciding to bring a Samoyed into your family will still be a difficult choice though, so take the time to consider what you’re looking for in a family dog. If it’s any of the above reasons though, definitely give the Samoyed a chance. Before you know it, you’ll be smiling right along with them. So, are Samoyeds good family dogs for your family or do you need to go with another breed? What are you most looking for in a family dog? Let us know in the comments below!