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How Long Do Puppy and Adult Samoyeds Sleep? (Plus Related Questions)

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Samoyeds are great when it comes to playing, eating, and hanging out with us. They could it for hours. What about when it comes to sleep though? How long do Samoyeds sleep?

On average, Samoyed puppies sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day, and adult Samoyeds sleep between 10 and 14 hours a day. This requires giving them enough exercise and sticking to a routine, but when done correctly you’ll have a nice, sleepy dog at the times you want them to be.

Questions And Answers: How Long Do Samoyeds Sleep?

A Samoyed sitting on a sidewalk and yawning.

How Can I Help My Samoyed Sleep?


Samoyeds are very energetic dogs, so they need lots of exercises to get it all out. Most Samoyeds will need at least 1 hour of exercise a day, but preferably 2. If you can, try to do the exercise with them so they get to be near you too.


Samoyeds like to be near us more than just during playtime too, but at night this can be especially important. This is because if your Samoyed isn’t allowed to sleep in the same room as you, it may suffer from separation anxiety. That can make it destructive or noisy, which may interrupt your sleep too.


The last thing that’s important for Samoyeds to sleep well is routine. Take the time early on to train your Samoyeds for when you want them to go to sleep. The more consistent you are with their schedule, the more likely they are to sleep when you want them to.

How Long Do Samoyeds Sleep?

Samoyed Puppies

Samoyed puppies will need time and help to adjust to their new homes. There are many smells, sounds, and spaces that they’ll need to get used to. It helps to give them lots of exercise and love. With that in mind, most Samoyed puppies will sleep between 15-and 20 hours per day.

Adult Samoyeds

Adult Samoyeds will sleep a bit less than Samoyed puppies, coming in at about 10-14 hours per day. They don’t tend to take naps either. If they do, their naps will be about 4-6 hours.

Where Do Samoyeds Like To Sleep?

A woman sleeping next to a Samoyed in bed.

Because of a Samoyed’s thick double layer coat, they prefer to sleep where they can be cool. This means they also don’t need a dog bed since it might make them too warm. Just about anywhere works for a Samoyed as long as they can keep cool and be near you.

Should A Samoyed Sleep On The Bed?

Just because Samoyeds like being around us, does that mean they need to be sleeping super close to us too? As with many things, this does depend on your Samoyed, but they don’t have to. One or both of you might end up getting too warm from it anyway.

Can Samoyeds Sleep Outside?

Samoyeds can sleep outside, but they may not want to. Samoyeds can suffer from separation anxiety even after a few hours, so forcing them to sleep outside may upset them and make them destructive or noisy.

If your Samoyed is okay with sleeping outside, they will need a dog house that’s big enough for them and that allows them to stay cool. Are there any conditions outside that might cause problems for a Samoyed though? Let’s take a look at a few.

Will A Samoyed Sleeping On Grass Be Okay?

A Samoyed will be just fine sleeping on the grass. However, this could dirty up their fur, causing a need for more frequent baths.

Will A Samoyed Sleeping In Snow Be Okay?

Samoyeds love the cold and they love the snow. If they wanted to sleep in it, their double layer coat would keep them warm. That doesn’t mean they can deal with extreme weather conditions though, so it’s not advised to leave them out in snowstorms, for example. They also shouldn’t be left out in temperatures -60 degrees Fahrenheit or below (and it’s recommended to keep them inside if the temperatures are close to that number anyway).

What Are Some Common Samoyed Sleeping Positions?

All Curled Up

When a dog curls in on itself this can mean one of two things. The first is that they’re trying to keep warm. The second is that they might feel a bit nervous about something. That doesn’t mean you have to be nervous about anything, but if they do it often, you may want to look into what’s causing the issue.

On Its Side

This is a pretty common sleeping position for dogs. Although this sleeping position doesn’t have to mean anything, it could be that your Samoyed is trying to keep cool. Although Samoyeds, like all dogs, mostly keep cool through panting, laying in the shade, and drinking water, their paws and stomachs can also help. When they lay in such a way that their paws and stomachs are exposed, the cool air can reach those areas where there’s less fur.

On Its Back With Legs In The Air

This is another position for Samoyeds to cool off. It also means they trust you since exposing their stomach like this makes them vulnerable.

Lying On Stomach With Legs Out

This is an incredibly cute position for any dog to fall asleep in. What it can mean is that your dog is ready to do whatever they were doing before they fell asleep. This position allows them to get right back to it.

What Are Some Other Samoyed Sleeping Habits To Be Aware Of?

Why Does My Samoyed Puppy Pant When Sleeping?

Dogs usually pant because they’re trying to cool down. This can happen at night while they’re sleeping too, puppy or otherwise. Sometimes the panting can be due to health issues though, so it’s recommended to schedule checkups with a veterinarian for any concerns.

Should Two Samoyed Puppies Share A Crate To Sleep?

Two or more Samoyed puppies should only ever share a crate to sleep or otherwise if they’re under 8 weeks of age. Once they reach 8 weeks of age they’re ready to leave their litter behind, so sharing a crate can cause issues between them. There are always exceptions to rules, but, in general, each dog should have their own crate.

What Are Some Possible Sleep Issues For Samoyeds?

A Samoyed laying down on a vet table and a vet ready to inject them with a syringe.

Lack Of Exercise Or Interrupted Routine

If a Samoyed isn’t getting at least 1-2 hours of exercise a day, they might not be able to sleep well. The same is true if their routine is interrupted. Try to keep everything as consistent as possible so they can go to sleep tired and on time.


Dogs, like humans, will get sick. Sickness can affect their sleep whether it makes them do it more so or less. Keep this in mind and always remember to consult with your veterinarian for help.

A Disorder

Much like sicknesses, dogs can end up with disorders too. One such disorder is insomnia. Insomnia can be caused due to many things, so it’s important to check with your vet if your Samoyed isn’t sleeping regularly.

In Conclusion: How Long Do Samoyeds Sleep?

Thankfully, if everything’s pretty normal and consistent when it comes to “how long do Samoyeds sleep,” yours will sleep quite a lot and regularly. Keep in mind this is different for each Samoyed, but, in general, you’ll get a great dog that doesn’t cause you any issues in terms of sleep.

What about yours though? What’s your experience been like with dogs and sleep?

We’d love to hear your stories and tips in the comments below!