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Can a Samoyed Be Guard Dog For Us?

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Making your home and family safe is as easy as getting a guard dog. There’s a reason they’re still effective security systems even now. That said, can a Samoyed be a guard dog for us?

Unfortunately, Samoyeds do not make good guard dogs. They are very loyal and will alert owners to strangers. However, while some exceptions exist, Samoyeds would rather make friends with those same strangers than scare them off.

What Makes A Good Guard Dog?

The best guard dogs have a protective instinct. They are loyal and can determine threats quickly and accurately. Also, they’re fearless and can be trained to be even better guard dogs than they already are. Plus, they’re usually very physically fit dogs as well.

Are Samoyeds Protective?

Unfortunately, no, Samoyeds are not protective. There are always exceptions to this, but, in general, Samoyeds will alert you to strangers and then treat them as friends once they’ve smelled them and gotten to know them a bit. They like to be around people, no matter who those people are. This is great for you and your friends and family, but not so great when it comes to being a guard dog.

Can I Train My Samoyed To Be A Guard Dog?

A little kid standing next to her Samoyed in a forest.

It’s possible to train dogs to do lots of things, including Samoyeds being guard dogs. The problem is this will end up requiring a lot of work and may not be worth it in the end. It’s worth asking why you need a guard dog in the first place. If it’s for that aggressive attitude, loud bark, and bite, then you might need to go with a different breed.

If you’re still wanting to stick with training your Samoyed to be a guard dog, you’ll need to find a program or trainer that does so. Trying to do it yourself isn’t recommended since it requires a lot of professional work. If you want to try, here’s a book that might help, but we still recommend going the professional route.

Top 5 Other Breeds To Consider For A Guard Dog

1. Doberman Pinscher

A Doberman Pinscher standing in a forest.

Doberman Pinschers are great guard dogs for a variety of reasons. First of all, they’re very fast, so they’ll be able to get where they need to be pretty quick. They’re loyal, obedient, large, and intimidating. They have that protective instinct a good guard dog needs, and they’re one of the smartest dog breeds in the world!

2. Rottweiler

A closeup of a Rottweiler in a field.

Rottweilers are great guard dogs in all senses of the word. They are fearless, will investigate any perceived threat, and attack the ones that are real. They are easily trained and very loyal and loving to their families. Plus, they have a protective instinct and look pretty intimidating too, which never hurts.

3. Akita

An akita standing with its front paws on a fallen log in a forest.

Akitas are a very loyal breed of dog. They also have a natural suspicion of anyone they don’t know, so this helps if someone comes around who shouldn’t be. They will protect you if need be, and calmly investigate anything they need to. Overall, a really good choice for a guard dog!

4. Bullmastiff

A Bullmastiff sitting in a forest.

One thing a Bullmastiff is good at is not barking. They were bred that way, so if you’re looking for a quieter dog that will still be a good guard dog, then a Bullmastiff is just your kind of dog.

Bullmastiffs are also big dogs, which helps add to how intimidating they are. Plus, they’re very protective and would do anything to keep their families safe.

5. German Shepherd

A German Shepherd running through grass by a forest.

German Shepherds are well-known for being a part of the K-9 unit and also being used in the military. It’s no surprise they make great guard dogs too then. They have a good protective instinct and will fight to keep their family safe from harm. They’re also smart, strong, and easily trained.

In Conclusion: Can A Samoyed Be A Guard Dog For Us?

Unfortunately for our Smiling Sammies, while they make for great companions, they’re not so good as protectors. That’s not to say you can’t find a Samoyed that can’t make a good guard dog, just that it’s unlikely. So, when it comes to asking can a Samoyed be a guard dog for us, it’s better to ask about other dog breeds.

That’s got us curious though, what’s got you interested in a guard dog? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!