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What Are Samoyed Fur Colors?

People know Sammies (Samoyeds) best for their cheeky smiles and bright white fur. But you may have come across some variations to that snow white coat that left you wondering what the Samoyed fur colors are.

There are three Samoyed fur colors besides white that are recognized in America as being true to the breed. This includes cream, biscuit, and white and biscuit.

AKC Breed Standards

The guidelines established by the American Kennel Club are a written description of the ideal specimen of the breed’s appearance, temperament, and characteristics that allow it to perform the task for which it is bred. 

These guidelines ensure puppies born to certified dogs will maintain the well-loved features of the breed potential owners expect. That is not to say there is automatically something wrong with dogs that do not maintain these criteria, but rather they are not “true to breed” as determined by the organization.

According to the AKC, only four coat colors are officially recognized for purebred Samoyeds in America. 

White Samoyeds

By far the popular, white-coated Samoyeds are a hallmark of the breed. These dogs have an over and undercoat that is pure white, with no yellowish tint. Moreover, many factors can affect the maintenance of a white coat including sun exposure, which can cause the fur on the back to “burn” and become brown. 

Cream Samoyeds

The cream coat is the closest color to white, with only a mildly saturated yellowish tint to distinguish them from the white-coated dogs. To the inexperienced eye, it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart unless you place the Sammies sporting the two colors right next to each other.

Biscuit Samoyeds

Dogs with a biscuit coat are the rarest of all. Their coats have a yellow-brown color with light to medium saturation all over. 

Unfortunately for people that covet this variation, it’s impossible to tell whether a biscuit puppy will remain biscuit as it grows older. Often, puppies that start off with an overall biscuit color will turn white as they mature. But sometimes, white puppies will develop biscuit coats. 

The best way to tell what color your new puppy will grow up to be is to look at their parents’ coat color. And also the color development of puppies born to the same parents. However, even this method isn’t always foolproof and your biscuit puppy may end up white/biscuit instead. 

White And Biscuit Samoyeds

These dogs are white with biscuit-colored patches on their coats. This variation is more common than complete biscuit coats. 

Often, white and biscuit puppies start off pure white and develop their colors with age.

What Are A Fur Color’s Effects On Health?

There is no known effect of a Samoyed’s coat color on their health or behavior. 

What Other Fur Colors Exist?

Kennel clubs around the world recognize different variations of the Samoyed’s coat colors as being true to the breed. 

  1. Canadian Kennel Club – White, White Cream, Cream, White and Biscuit, and All Biscuit
  2. United Kennel Club – Pure White, Cream, White and Biscuit, and All Biscuit
  3. Federation Cynologique Internationale – Pure White, White and Biscuit and Cream 

Sammies with any color other than these in their coats are not recognized as purebred. Different colors may indicate some crossbreeding has occurred along their lineage.

Can A Samoyed’s Coat Change Color?

As they age, Samoyeds often change their coat colors. It’s very common for biscuit-colored puppies to turn pure white and vice versa. 

Sammies that get too much sun exposure may get “sunburnt” and their coats develop a brown tinge. 

How To Maintain A Samoyed’s Fur Color?

While natural color transitions are unavoidable, there are a few precautions Samoyed owners can take to maintain their dog’s coat colors. They are:

  1. Brush regularly to keep the coat clean and dust-free. Samoyeds don’t require regular baths but brushing away the dirt can be sufficient to keep their coats healthy and bright. 
  2. Immediately wash off dirt and urine that may stain their fur.
  3. Ensure they have adequate shade to avoid sunburn. 
  4. Brightening shampoos and cleansers can help to remove any yellow tint on the fur to maintain the bright white coloration. 

Conclusion: What Are The Samoyed Fur Colors?

So, in conclusion, purebred Samoyeds come in four recognized color varieties. Also, don’t believe any breeder that tries to sell you a “rare” black or gray Samoyed as these are likely to be a product of cross-breeding. 

However, all dogs are amazing, no matter their color or lineage. But some breeders may try to sell specific colors at higher prices. It’s important to remember it’s very likely your Sammy will change color as they grow, so keep that in mind when choosing a new pup! 

Whatever color they end up being, a Samoyed’s cloud-like, fluffy coat is always gorgeous and their changing colors are part and parcel of what we love about the breed.

So, what Samoyed fur color are you most interested in? Let us know your thoughts and why in the comments below!

Dr. Umaya Gunaratne (DVM)
Dr. Umaya Gunaratne (DVM)
Umaya Gunaratne is a veterinarian plus dog and cat mum currently pursuing her PhD in small animal cardiology. Her field of interest is degenerative mitral valve disorders in small breed dogs, but her passion lies in bridging the gap between academia and the real world. She enjoys helping pet parents understand the research-backed science behind raising their fur kids. She spends her free time playing football, clicker-training her cat, Ria, and spending quality time with her many houseplants.