A Samoyed sitting in front of a door.

Why Does My Dog Attack The Door When I Leave?

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Dogs do some things that either we don’t understand or frustrate us. Sometimes those things are both, such as when they attack something when we leave. So, it’s natural to wonder, “Why does my dog attack the door when I leave?”

Dogs attack the door when we leave for a few reasons. The reasons could be separation anxiety, territorial aggression, or barrier aggression. With the right training or change of lifestyle, these issues shouldn’t be issues for long.

Why Does My Dog Attack Things When I Leave?

Samoyed and another dog standing behind a fence.

There are a few main reasons why your dog attacks things when you leave, including the door. One is separation anxiety, another is territorial aggression, and a third is barrier aggression.

Let’s dive in.

Reason #1 – Separation Anxiety

Dogs love us. Because of that, they don’t love being left alone. In fact, the Samoyed is well-known as a breed that doesn’t do well alone. When a dog is left alone, it can become destructive, even attacking the door.

Reason #2 – Territorial Aggression

Territorial aggression is simply a dog protecting its territory. A dog will do this in several ways, such as barking, growling, or, in extreme cases, attacking.

Reason #3 – Barrier Aggression

Barrier aggression happens when a barrier prevents a dog from getting to or doing something it wants. This can be because the dog is overly excited or they’re trying to make sure everyone is safe.

A good example of this is dogs behind fences. Ever been walking down the street and a dog in a fenced-in yard starts barking at you? That’s not necessarily barrier aggression, but it can be. Just imagine how frustrating it would be for you to be trapped behind something all day, never able to interact with the rest of the world.

What Can I Do To Stop My Dog From Attacking Things When I Leave?

Thankfully, no matter what’s causing your dog to attack things when you leave, there’s a solution. There are several actually, starting with enrolling them in a training class.

Enroll Your Dog In Training Classes

There are plenty of training classes out there to help dogs cope with their living situation. Whether it’s separation anxiety, territorial aggression, barrier aggression, or something else, there are plenty of professional trainers who can help you and your dog to overcome them. While we don’t recommend doing the training yourself, if you have no other option, there are some books that can help with the process.

Monitor Your Dog During The Events

While you won’t be able to always monitor every time your dog attacks the door or barks at someone walking by (unless you have a camera system), doing so when you can helps give you a better idea about your dog’s temperament and triggers. This information can also be helpful to a vet. Plus, it means you can step in and stop the situation from getting worse.

Get Help From A Vet Or An Animal Behaviorist

Sometimes you just need to go to the professionals. Your vet is always a good bet, and if they don’t know how to help, they’ll hopefully have some ideas of who can. Animal behaviorists are another option.

Give Your Dog More Exercise

As they say, a tired dog is a happy dog. Sometimes our canine companions just have too much energy (like Samoyeds) and they really need to get it out. Help them have a happier, more stress-free day by giving them some more play time or walks.

Change Your Environment

Uprooting for any reason can be challenging, even at the best of times. But sometimes that’s just what your dog needs. Maybe they don’t do well in apartments, for example, because there are too many noises and people coming and going.

In Conclusion: Why Does My Dog Attack The Door When I Leave?

Dogs do some strange things, but the next time you wonder, “Why does my dog attack the door when I leave?” you’ll have a good idea.

What are other strange or funny behaviors have you noticed in dogs before? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below!