A Samoyed dog and its owner being friendly with each other.

Is A Samoyed A Friendly Dog?

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It is almost impossible to resist when you see that graceful creature with a puffy white coat and a cute little smile. Nowadays, Samoyeds are part of many households. But is a Samoyed a friendly dog? Are they good for any household? 

Samoyeds are known as loving and playful dogs. They are very affectionate with their owners and besides this, Samoyeds have friendly behavior towards strangers, kids, and other animals. 

A History Of The Samoyed Breed 

Seeing a Samoyed gets many people thinking, “Oh, what a cute polar bear this is.” And they are not far from the truth. 

Originating in Arctic Siberia, people developed this breed to assist nomad tribes in their daily lives. They got their name after the tribe that they served – Samoyede. 

People generally used Sammies for guarding the reindeer, but they occasionally used them for pulling sleds and hunting. They lived in tents with their owners and slept beside the children to keep them warm through the night. 

It is hard to believe our puffy white friends were once used as working dogs, isn’t it? 

A Samoyed’s Personality 

As evidenced by the breed’s trademark upturned smile, a Samoyed is a gentle and friendly dog

They are known to be intelligent and fast learners, so teaching them to give you a paw will not take long. Apart from this, Samoyeds also have an independent personality, which makes them stubborn. 

They become easily bored though, so using positive, reward-based training techniques, combined with mental stimulation activities is the most effective way to keep them engaged. 

Also, due to their highly energetic and cheeky nature, this breed requires quite a lot of playtime and exercise. 

Having “a job” brings them joy, whether it is catching a ball, bringing a toy, pulling a rope, or doing dog sports such as agility and playing fetch. Whatever it is, they will do it with a lot of enthusiasm.

If you are an active person who likes hiking, jogging, or simply walking, you will never be left alone, because your Sammie will be your perfect companion. 

The warm and sincere look they give you does not lie; Samoyeds are in fact very sensitive and reliant on your attention and company. Therefore, leaving them alone for a long period of time makes them anxious and upset. 

That is when they develop their destructive behavior, becoming quite vocal and prone to chew things. And believe me, you don’t want a loud and unsatisfied Samoyed in your home.

Being loyal to their owners is one of a Samoyed’s greatest personality traits. Once they feel loved by you and your family, it doesn’t take long for them to become attached. Samoyeds express their loyalty by trying to please and accompany you everywhere you go. 

Samoyeds In Households

A Samoyed dog sitting with its owner outside on the grass.

Originally kept for guarding the reindeer and pulling sleds, it is a Samoyed’s innate instinct to contribute to the family in any possible way, and they consider it their responsibility.  

As Samoyeds assisted their owners inside the tribes, they slept in their tents and developed strong relationships with them. As a result, Samoyeds are naturally attracted to humans and they become dependent on their owners’ affection, attention, and companionship, much more than any other breed.  

With their friendly, playful, and gentle temperament, Samoyeds make great family members. They simply love to be included in all family activities and making them an active playmate brings them the greatest happiness in the world.

Is A Samoyed Good With Kids?

The simple answer is yes. Samoyeds are typically kind and well–behaved around children. 

Their friendly and gentle nature makes them excellent companions for the whole family, including children. Due to their kind and playful temperament, Samoyeds make a great play pal for your child. 

They will enjoy spending time together, but you still always need to supervise them. Samoyeds love to be active participants in every kind of fun activity, so they can get very excited during playtime. 

Although Samoyeds have mischievous personalities and cute and loving appearances, they are big, muscular dogs that might knock a child over without meaning to.

Is A Samoyed Friendly With Strangers?

Samoyeds are very social animals, and they enjoy having company around. They are curious dogs, so they will rather sniff or lick a stranger’s hand and jump enthusiastically around them than be rude and aggressive.

They are so excited to see people they would happily welcome a stranger in the house. This is why you can’t count on your Samoyed to protect the house.

Is A Samoyed Friendly With Other Animals?

As Samoyeds are known for their friendly and social character, they do get along well with other dogs. They love being in constant company, no matter if it is a person or another dog. 

In a group of dogs, Samoyeds tend to have a dominant character because of their natural herding instincts, and it is very likely for them to try to take control over the others. This can be irritating for the other dogs, especially if they are not submissive. 

Although they don’t frequently express aggression, they can be protective of their owners, particularly if they perceive any danger.

Since Samoyeds used to hunt and herd reindeer, they may be predatory toward smaller animals and consider them as prey. This can be easily prevented by introducing Samoyeds to cats and other small animals while they are still puppies. This way, the chances of seeing them as playmates rather than prey are really high. With the proper training, not only can Samoyeds get along with other smaller animals, but they also can become inseparable friends.

Final Thoughts: Is A Samoyed A Friendly Dog?

If you are looking for a dog that will give you all of its affection, love, and attention, then the Samoyed is the right choice for you. And no, you will not only get a pet but a truly loyal friend who will accompany you everywhere you go. All of their lovely characteristics make a Samoyed a great, friendly dog.

Does your Samoyed like playing with children? Is your Samoyed friendly with other animals? Do you have some interesting experiences to share about your Samoyed? Let us know in the comments!

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