A Samoyed puppy laying down in a yard.

How To Potty Train A Samoyed Puppy – Step-By-Step Help

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Samoyeds are popular dogs for a reason. They’re fluffy, energetic, and have that smile everyone loves so much. Like any other dog though, they’re going to need to be potty trained. So, what are the steps for how to potty train a Samoyed puppy?

The steps to train a Samoyed puppy are taking them outside often, giving them treats and praise immediately, having a routine for everything from eating to using the potty, being patient, and asking for help from a vet or trainer, if all else fails.

Potty Training Samoyeds And Other Dogs

A Samoyed puppy digging in the grass.

Samoyeds are a pretty unique dog. They’re known for their fluffy, white fur, a crazy amount of energy, and familiar smile. Samoyeds are still dogs though, which means that many things that work for other dogs also work for Samoyeds. What about potty training though?

Are Samoyeds Easy Or Hard To Potty Train?

Thankfully, Samoyeds don’t need anything special when it comes to potty training. They do need to be potty trained, but what works for other dogs will, in general, work for them too. Just keep in mind that every Samoyed is a little different and the process will go just fine.

That said, let’s talk about top tips to make it all go well.

Steps For How To Potty Train A Samoyed Puppy

1. Take Your Samoyed Out Regularly

There’s a really easy rule to remember for how many hours you can wait before letting a puppy use the bathroom. Take how many months they’ve been alive and add one; that’s how many hours you can wait. For example, if your puppy is 4 months, then they need to go to the bathroom every 5 hours. Every dog is a little different though so some may need to go out sooner.

There’s also an upper limit to this rule. Adults should be taken out every 6-8 hours. Possibly, they can hold it for 10-12, but this shouldn’t become something that’s done often.

2. Reward Your Samoyed Puppy Immediately

One thing pet owners make a mistake on is just how quickly they need to reward good behavior. To put it simply: owners need to reward good behavior right away. The longer someone waits to reward good behavior, the less likely the dog is to connect the good behavior with the reward.

So, when it comes to potty training, as soon as your Samoyed puppy uses the bathroom in the correct place, give them a treat and some praise. Do this as often as you can and your puppy will start to get the idea.

3. Create A Routine For Everything

Dogs, as much as humans, do well with routine. This is true for sleeping and it’s also true for going to the bathroom. Taking a puppy outside to use the bathroom every so many hours is important, but it’s equally important to do it at the same time every day. That way your Samoyed knows exactly how long to hold it.

Also, it helps to set a routine for eating and drinking too. Give your Samoyed their food and water at the same times each day. Doing this trains them, but it also gives you a good idea of when they’ll need to go to the bathroom too. Just don’t let them eat or drink too close to bedtime, otherwise, they might have an accident or interrupt your sleep so they can go out.

4. Be Patient With Your Samoyed

Unfortunately, puppies don’t remember to use the bathroom in the right place after one day. They don’t even remember after a couple of days. If you have a dog that learns well, it can take as little as a few weeks to start to see results. For the most part, though, it’s going to take anywhere from a few months to a year.

5. Get Help From A Vet Or Trainer

Sometimes, doing all the other tips doesn’t give you what you’re looking for. Maybe your Samoyed puppy uses the bathroom in the right place sometimes and other times it doesn’t. Or maybe they were doing it correctly for a few years then suddenly stopped. If this happens or if you’re having trouble getting them to use the bathroom correctly in the first place, it’s time to get help. Your vet may have some ideas or a training program might be able to help too.

In Conclusion: How To Potty Train A Samoyed Puppy

A Samoyed puppy running through the grass.

Samoyeds are pretty great dogs. They still need potty training, but when it comes to “how to potty train your Samoyed puppy,” thankfully it’s no different from other dogs. Take them out when they need it, stick to a routine, give them love and praise, be patient, and ask for help when needed, and you and your Samoyed will be good to go. What do you think though? Have any other tips for potty training a dog? How about training a dog in general? Let us know in the comments below!