A lineup of dogs, including a Samoyed.

What Dogs Are Most Similar To Samoyeds?

Almond-shaped eyes, thick white coats, and fluffy tails are just some of the ingredients for an awesome dog: the Samoyed. This smiling dog really knows how to conquer people’s hearts around the world, and its personality is absolutely enchanting. But have you ever wondered if you could get a similar dog to be a companion for your Samoyed or even get to know another breed that is not so far from your beloved one? If so, come with me, and let’s check out what dogs are most similar to Samoyeds!

The most similar dogs to Samoyeds are Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and American Eskimo Dogs. This is due to their size, personality, looks, and coat.

What Are Samoyeds?

Samoyeds are amiable, medium-sized dogs bred for hard work in the snow. These stunning sled dogs are spitz-type dogs. They have a thick double coat – very often white, although the breed allows some other colors such as cream and biscuit – that requires frequent grooming to be kept in shape. These characteristics were all thought to protect them from the coolest temperatures in the world. Even their constant smile fits into this since the upturned corners of their mouth keep them from drooling and prevent the formation of icicles.

Considering they belong to the working group of dog breeds, Samoyeds are really active and playful dogs that enjoy spending time with the family. As a result, though, they also require daily exercise. Keeping them bored or inside all the time can make them really miserable. It can also make them destructive, so it’s important to always stimulate their minds and bodies.

Samoyeds make a beautiful match for any family because they are very friendly, affectionate, social, loyal, and great with small kids. They really just need attention, companionship, and stimulation. They can be a little noisy and bark a little too much, but what is a little barking compared to all this good stuff, right?

Which Breeds Are Most Similar To Samoyeds?

A dog and a Samoyed sitting outside by each other.

Since Samoyeds are so, so good, you might be thinking about getting another dog that has a similar appearance and personality to theirs. Or maybe you are just curious… Either way, let’s check out the most similar breeds to Samoyeds.

Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are spitz-type medium-sized dogs bred for companionship and sledding. They also have a very thick coat – even thicker and with more shedding than our smiling friends. Different from Samoyeds that are often white, these guys have a wider variety of colors and frequently present with colorful eyes.

Since they belong to the working group of breeds as well, they also have a high energy level and need a lot of exercise (even more than Sammies). This is in order to avoid destructive behavior, prey hunting, or escaping over the fence, because this breed really leans towards these instincts. Huskies are really family-friendly too, as they are gentle, loyal, and very trustable with kids. They can also be a little noisy and really get into howling, but again, what is a little howling, right?

Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes are also spitz-type dogs but large-sized ones. They have a double coat that varies a lot in color. They also have a fluffy tail that reminds a lot of the Samoyeds’ tails. Since these giant cute dogs were bred for strength and power instead of speed, they present with a heavier and more substantial appearance, when compared to our smiling buddies.

These big fluffy friends need exercise, but usually, they need it less than their cousins above. After the work is done, they just want to enjoy some time laying at your feet while you are watching TV. For that reason, they make excellent house dogs, and they really enjoy feeling like part of the pack. Mals, as they are kindly called, are truly affectionate and loyal. Although a little supervision is needed when they’re interacting with small dogs and kids, this is nothing that’s not trainable.

American Eskimo Dogs

American Eskimo Dogs basically look like Samoyeds miniatures. These cute little dogs are small spitz-type dogs that present with a dense coat that is almost always white and also have a smiling face. Their physical similarity with Sammies is so incredible that it often confuses people around the world.

If you want an Eskie by your side, it’s important to know they are active and curious creatures that need physical and mental stimulation to keep healthy and happy. This breed is really friendly with people in general, loyal, alert, and attached to the family. This is all besides being truly smart and easily trainable. Well, since nothing is perfect, they also like to bark a little bit. But come on, nothing that we can’t deal with, right?

Conclusion: What Dogs Are Most Similar To Samoyeds?

In conclusion, the most similar dogs to Samoyeds are Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and American Eskimo Dogs. Although the breeds have particularities of their own, they are mostly cold-weather dogs with thick and fluffy coats to protect them. They are also a great match for any person, since they are friendly, loving, loyal, and really bond strongly with their families. Just remember to keep them active, and you will have an amazing friend by your side for many years. 

Did you know any of these breeds beforehand? Do you have one of them? If not, which one would you most want to get? Tell us in the comments below!

Thamiris da Rocha
Thamiris da Rocha
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