A Samoyed and some other dog breeds getting along.

Do Samoyeds Like Other Dog Breeds?

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When getting any breed of dog, it’s natural to wonder if that breed will get along with other breeds. It’s normal to wonder the same things about Samoyeds. So, do Samoyeds like other dog breeds?

Generally speaking, Samoyeds get along very well with every dog. If your Samoyed is raised and trained well, it would be a good, playful, friendly dog with any other breed. Some of the dog breeds that Samoyeds get along well with are German shepherds, golden retrievers, labradors, huskies, and dalmatians.

Are Samoyeds Friendly With Other Dogs?

A Samoyed and some other dogs playing in the grass by a fence.
Looks like they’re having a great time!

Samoyeds are very friendly dogs, especially when they are trained well since being puppies. The cases where a Samoyed can be aggressive are very rare or happen when it thinks its owner is in danger, so it reacts to protect them. So, normally there’s nothing to worry about with Samoyeds, but it’s still important to learn their body language to see how it’s feeding off the moment. For example, if other dogs are bothering your dog, you should react quickly.

Is It A Good Idea To Get Two Samoyeds?

Imagine you just got a Samoyed, and they’re your best friend. You’re having lots of playful moments with them and walking around parks together. You see that your Samoyed is friendly and has lots of energy. They might need a friend of their own to play with!

If you are thinking of getting a Samoyed for your dog or any other breed, this is a great idea. First, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to manage two dogs both financially and time-wise though. Also, make sure to socialize your two dogs properly and slowly. Make sure they both feel safe and loved around you, and make sure your second dog is vaccinated and trained as much as your first.

Should I Accompany My Samoyed With Other Dogs?

Your Samoyed needs time in the park around other dogs, running, playing, and interacting with them. It is very important that your dog should be sociable with other dogs. This makes them more friendly and active. 

After your dog has finished its vaccination shots, it’s a great time to start enjoying the park and walking together. It will meet other dogs, and you should be there talking to it, petting it, and making it feel safe to be around the other dogs. Make sure that the other dogs are friendly too, and, if you can meet them every day during your walking time, that’s perfect.

How To Make My Samoyed More Friendly With Other Dogs

When going for walk with your Samoyed, go with it to places where there are other dogs too. You need to introduce your Samoyed to the other dogs at the park, and this is a process that takes a little time. Maybe the first day your Samoyed will be a little shy and keep its distance, then it will be curious and will start interacting and playing with the other dogs.

Another thing that will help with your Samoyed’s manners with other dogs is taking it to daycare centers for dogs. It will be with the same dogs every day for a couple of hours, playing and being active, and every time there would be trained people to take care of them and be there for everything that might happen. 

Which Dog Breeds Do Samoyeds Like More Than Others?

Samoyeds are very friendly dogs with humans and with their doggy friends. They have some preferences too for their playtime though.

They really enjoy playing with golden retrievers, which are very friendly dogs, really playful, and very active too. This breed gets friends quickly and enjoys great playtime. German shepherds too are a great breed and will enjoy their time playing with a Samoyed. Huskies are too a very wonderful breed that has the same energy as a Samoyed and will have a great time together at the park. Labradors and dalmatians are good choices too.

Samoyeds enjoy too playing with small-sized dogs, for example, chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, or pug. Just be careful to watch them due to the size differences.

In Conclusion: Do Samoyeds Like Other Dog Breeds

So, a Samoyed is a friendly dog that enjoys playing and having fun with its human and his doggy friends, especially dogs that are the same size as them. Playing with other dogs is really great for a Samoyed because will keep it active, make it even more friendly, and give it some exercise, which is really important for its health. 

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