A veterinarian holding a Samoyed in his arms in his vet's office.

Information About Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy

We always recommend future owners do a little bit of reading about the breed they are interested in. Knowing more about a breed is always better. For example, enjoying spending lots of time on the couch doesn’t mix well with owning a Doberman. The same goes for a dog’s health and what to expect. For example, a Samoyed can be affected by a disease called Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy, but what is that exactly?

An owner trying to get their dog to listen and jump on on a platform.

What To Do If Your Dog Won’t Listen To You

Many times as owners we have found ourselves in a situation where we need our dog to listen to us, but it simply ignores us. And in those cases we get frustrated, start doubting ourselves, and wonder if maybe we are failing as owners. This article will help you to understand why things like this might be happening and what you could do to solve the problem. Basically, we’re going to help you understand why your dog might not listen to you.

A smiling Samoyed standing in a forest.

Why Are Samoyeds Called Smiling Sammies?

Anyone who knows a Samoyed knows they always seem to be happy. They come to you with that cheerful aura wagging their fluffy white tails, and it feels like all your problems disappear. There are many names to refer to the breed, but people usually choose Sammies, Sams, or Smiling Sammies. But why are Samoyeds called Smiling Sammies anyway? Let’s clarify this matter right now!