A Samoyed going on a walk with its owner through the forest.

Are Samoyeds Good For New Pet Owners?

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Potential dog owners are drawn to Samoyeds, and it’s easy to see why. They are smart, loyal, friendly, and beautiful. So, are Samoyeds good for new pet owners? Is it still possible for an inexperienced, first-time dog owner to successfully raise a Samoyed? 

Samoyed owners and professionals advise against getting one as your first dog. Samoyeds can be stubborn and strong-willed despite also being very friendly. They also have a high level of activity, shed a lot, and can be high maintenance. 

What to Expect When Getting a Samoyed – Traits 

Firstly, Samoyeds weigh around 50 pounds and live between 12 and 14 years.

These popular dogs are really noticeable because of their appearance. The Samoyed breed’s shining white coat is its greatest asset. 

Because of how the coat contrasts with the body, the Samoyed appears fluffy. The undercoat is softer, thicker, and woolly in texture, whereas the outer coat is longer and has coarser hair. Also, they shed at a moderate to high pace.

The corners of the lips pull upward to form the distinctive “Sammie smile.” Due to their smiling mouth, they rarely drool. 

Samoyeds are friendly and have a lot of love for people and kids. Samoyeds are renowned for being playful and energetic dogs, as well as intelligent. 

They generally bark in fear, but when they see a stranger, they wag their tails and display their tongues. 

This breed of dog is very reliant on the care of the owner. Unlike other dog breeds, Samoyeds require regular brushing, interactive training, regular walks, and lots of cuddling. Therefore, before adopting one make sure you have the time and patience for providing the best care. 

Why A Samoyed May Not Be The Best Choice for First-Time Owners

All dogs require a lot of work, but some breeds demand more time and care than others. One of these breeds is the Samoyed. Samoyed owners and professionals advise against getting one as your first dog. 

Samoyeds have many wonderful traits that can make them exceptional dogs, but new owners must be aware of what they are getting into before taking on the job of rearing this breed.

Samoyeds Require More Grooming 

Undoubtedly, a Samoyed’s thick, white, fluffy coat is gorgeous, but it may also be difficult for new owners to maintain. Owners must brush it frequently, at least once a week (ideally daily though), to prevent matting and tangling. 

Also, Samoyeds blow their coat twice a year, so there will be a lot of white hair throughout the house, yard, furniture, and even on your clothes. 

Samoyeds Need At Least Two Hours Of Exercise Per Day 

Samoyeds require not only a range of physical activities to keep them occupied but also a variety of mental activities to occupy their inquisitive brains.

If your Samoyed doesn’t get enough exercise, they could start acting destructively in addition to whining, crying, and barking a lot. 

Samoyeds Are Difficult To Train 

Samoyeds will quickly pick up and take advantage of you in a heartbeat if you lack confidence in your dog training skills and the ability to be a forceful yet loving pack leader in your Samoyed’s life. They are stubborn and intelligent, so knowing how to train them and having the confidence to do it are both keys to effective Samoyed training. 

If you’re struggling with training your Samoyed, consult with your vet or a behavior specialist. You can also enroll them in a training class.

Samoyeds Are Working Dogs, So They’re Always Looking For Something To Do 

Samoyeds are workaholics who will create their own work if they are not given any.

A bored Samoyed will most likely destroy things by chewing them up, obsessively licking, barking, digging, getting into things, and eating stuff they shouldn’t. So, always make sure they have something to do, especially if you’ll be gone for an extended period of time.

Samoyeds Don’t Deal Well With Being Alone For Not Getting Enough Activity 

You should plan on spending at least 2-3 hours doing activities with your Samoyed every day. 

Also, if they are left alone for too long, they can become destructive, experience anxiety, or exhibit other behavioral issues.

Samoyeds Also Need Space

Nowadays, many people may not have the necessary space for a Samoyed because family residences tend to be on the smaller side. We’re not saying you can’t make this work, but Samoyeds need activity, things to do, and so on. A bigger space goes a long way in helping with this.

Samoyeds Are Escape Artists 

Being so intelligent, Samoyeds occasionally transform into tiny Houdinis. More specifically, they can learn how to open and unlock doors and dig beneath or even jump over fences because they are so intelligent.

For brand-new dog owners who are just learning how to live with a dog, many of these traits can be extremely frustrating. 

What Would Make A Samoyed A Good First Dog?

An owner playing with their Samoyed in the living room.
Some fun happening here!

Although the Samoyed is typically not the best overall choice for a first dog, there are always exceptions. Here’s what they are.

You Live An Active Lifestyle

If you spend more time outside exercising and living an active lifestyle than you do at home – jogging, hiking, or generally going on adventures, the Samoyed is the perfect companion for you.

You Have Lots Of Space

If you have big yards or lots of land, a Samoyed could be a good first dog since they’ll have plenty of space to explore and be active.

You’re Patient And Have A Strong Will

A Samoyed is also a great pet for you if you are patient and strong-willed and want to learn how to train a dog with a strong will of their own.

You Have A Family Or Energetic Kids

Samoyeds make excellent family pets for households with energetic kids. With kids, they are quite gentle and kind. Of course, you won’t want to leave them unsupervised, but it should go over well.

You Have Other Pets 

A Samoyed puppy will get along well with other pets as well, including cats, unlike some other breeds, so it is great for someone with multiple pets.

You Have Time On Your Hands

Samoyeds need to be exercised daily, and their beautiful white coat needs frequent grooming, so they are a great pet if you have that time on your hands.

You Want A Daily Companion

These dogs want to be near their owners, so if you want a daily companion, a Samoyed is a good choice.

Tips For First-Time Samoyed Owners

Like it is with humans, a lot of what you can do to keep your dog happy and healthy is common sense. Watch its nutrition, make sure it frequently exercises, brush its teeth and coat, and take it to the vet if something appears out of the ordinary.

Here we have listed some of the most important things you have to remember when you get a Samoyed.

Supervise Them

As you would any child, keep a close watch on your Samoyed. Close doors, clean up your messes, and section off rooms as necessary.

Groom Them

Most of the year, Samoyeds require brushing at least once a week. They also require brushing every day at certain periods of the year when they shed.

Brush Their Teeth

Samoyeds typically have healthy teeth, so to maintain them, brush them twice a week.

Stimulate Them

Keep Samoyed’s mind and body engaged daily with games and training to prevent boredom.

Keep Them On A Leash

As a breed Samoyeds have a strong chase instinct, so keep your dog on a leash while walking and get a fence for your yard. 

Walk Them

Take your dog on daily walks. They need the exercise, and it’ll help you get some too. Plus, it’s a great, fun way to get out and give them good socialization opportunities.

To Sum Up: Are Samoyeds Good for New Pet Owners?

The Samoyed is known for being a smart, noble, and family-friendly breed of dog. It is also one of the most intelligent dogs. Despite being the perfect fit and a great pet for a lot of people – most people still have the concern of, “Are Samoyeds good for new pet owners?” While in many cases Samoyeds aren’t great dogs for first-time dog owners, everyone’s situation is a little different, so yours might work out perfectly for such a wonderful dog breed.

So, are you a Samoyed owner and have some tips for first-time owners? Are you looking to get a Samoyed as a first-time owner? Let us know your situation and thoughts in the comments below!

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