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How Many Parts Alcohol To Parts White Vinegar For Dog Ear Cleaner?

Since dogs’ ears can easily accumulate dirt, and this can result in problems such as irritation or infection, it is really important that owners perform regular ear cleanings for them. Choosing the right ear cleaner from the pet store can be difficult, but you can save yourself this trouble by simply mixing alcohol and white vinegar at home. But how can you do the mixture correctly and safely? How many parts alcohol to parts white vinegar for dog ear cleaner? Let me show it to you!

The right amount for a good dog ear cleaner is equal parts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar mixed with water, resulting in ⅓ of each ingredient. A dog’s skin can absorb rubbing alcohol quickly, so it’s best to consult with a vet prior to applying this mixture. It’s also always safer to use pre-made dog ear cleaners.

Why Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

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Like humans’ ears, dogs’ ears produce wax to protect themselves. The wax is responsible for trapping dirt and germs and keeping them from entering the ear canal. Although this is an expected and wanted mechanism, the accumulation of these substances can lead to unpleasant health issues.

Therefore, the habit of cleaning your dog’s ears is a very important part of a good grooming routine, mainly if your dog likes to swim or has pendulous ears, which are predisposing factors to accumulating dirt and proliferating microorganisms. Regular ear cleaning prevents irritations and infections and even keeps your pet more comfortable since the dirt can cause itchiness.

Are Homemade Cleaners Good?

Homemade cleaners can be good if you’ve consulted with a veterinarian first. They can be useful in a pinch, but it’s better to have the guidance of a veterinarian and use a pre-made product, one that’s been tested and proven safe for pets. 

How Many Parts Alcohol To Parts White Vinegar For Dog Ear Cleaner?

The ideal mixture for this ear cleaner is equal parts rubbing alcohol and white vinegar mixed with an equal part of water. In an empty bottle, you will use ⅓ water, ⅓ rubbing alcohol, and ⅓ white vinegar and agitate a little bit to blend the ingredients. And, voilá, you have an amazing homemade dog ear cleaner.

How Should I Apply This Ear Cleaner?

Once you have the mixture ready, you can apply it with a cotton ball. Pour some of your homemade ear cleaner into a bowl and dip the cotton in it, making sure you squeeze the excess. Then gently clean your dog’s ear by rubbing the cotton through the curves and the folds and removing all the dirt and debris you can see.

Always keep in mind you don’t need to go too deep, so just clean up to where your finger can easily reach, and don’t force it any further. Also, make sure you always use cotton balls instead of a Q-tip to avoid pushing dirt deeper into the canal.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

Usually, once a week is enough to keep your dog’s ears clean and avoid infections and irritations. But depending on your pet’s breed, the anatomy of its ears, or the level of contact with water it has, this frequency can increase or decrease. A Golden Retriever that loves to swim in the pool and has pendulous ears can be more predisposed to accumulate dirt than a Samoyed with its erect ears.

Considering these variations, the frequency of cleaning can vary between twice a week to twice a month. Always check your pet’s ears to learn its pattern and its needs and be attentive to any sign of discomfort – such as itchiness – to discover what frequency suits your friend the best.

Is There Any Other Homemade Alternative?

If you want a homemade ear cleaner for your dog but want to know alternatives other than vinegar and alcohol, today is your lucky day! Here you can check out two other options that you can make to keep your dog’s ear clean. But before using them, we again recommend talking with your vet.

Glycerin And Boric Acid

Mix one tablespoon of glycerin with two tablespoons and use it with a cotton ball. 

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix two tablespoons of water with two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and apply the mixture with a cotton ball.

Whatever the homemade option you choose, just remember to observe your dog’s ears and keep it very clean. Also, always remember to consult with a vet prior to applying any homemade mixture to your dog’s ears.

Conclusion: How Many Parts Alcohol To Parts White Vinegar For Dog Ear Cleaner?

In conclusion, you need equal parts rubbing alcohol and white vinegar with an equal part of water, resulting in ⅓ of each ingredient to make a great dog ear cleaner. Keep in mind that an ear-cleaning routine is really important to prevent infections and irritations, and the ideal frequency is between twice a week to twice a month, depending on the breed, ears’ type, and the pet’s habits. Always pay attention to your furry family member to find out what works best for it!

So, what about you? How often do you clean your dog’s ears? Have you ever used this recipe? Tell us in the comments below!

Thamiris da Rocha
Thamiris da Rocha
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