A spoonful of chamomile laying on top of some more chamomile.

Does Chamomile Help Dogs?

Chamomile is an all-time favorite tea ingredient for many people, especially when their tummy does not feel right. But have you ever wondered if chamomile would be beneficial for your dog too? In other words, does chamomile help dogs?

Chamomile is a herb that dogs can use, too, especially if they are having tummy issues or are feeling stressed. Always consult with a vet prior to making any changes in your dog’s diet.

What Is Chamomile?

This beautiful white flower is one of the most used herbs in human history. Coming from the plant called matricaria recutita, which is a member of the daisy family, the dried plant is used for treating stomach problems in humans. But it has also shown helpful properties when it comes to lowering the symptoms of anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

The beneficial effects come from the presence of terpenoids that are naturally present in the plant. It is thought that they help lower the inflammation and free radicals in the body.

We recommend that if you are interested in introducing this herb to your pooch, to talk to your veterinarian about products that are specially made for dogs.

What Are The Benefits Of Chamomile For Dogs?

Some chamomile flowers laying around a bottle of chamomile oil.
There are a few alleged benefits of chamomile for dogs.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of scientific proof of the positive effects chamomile has on dogs. However, it may be able to do the following things for them. As always, consult with your vet before making any decisions.

To Lower Stress And Anxiety

There are a lot of dogs that are stressed and have anxiety, for example, when they are left alone at home or when they need to visit the vet. This is why you should ask your vet if it is a good idea to give your dog chamomile before you visit them.

Upset Stomach 

We humans also prefer chamomile for this reason. Chamomile has an antispasmodic effect, which can help when your dog is vomiting by relaxing the abdominal muscles and easing the pain.

Inflamed Skin And Inflammation Around The Eyes

Chamomile is also known to lower the inflammation on the skin and around the eyes. In some cases, if the bacterial infection is caught on time, chamomile may help treat it, but for this, we always recommend you consult your vet.

How Can I Give Chamomile To My Dog?

Nowadays, there are many products that are commercially available for dogs. As owners, we always try to find what is best for them, which is why before buying any of those products, you should talk to your vet and do a little bit of research on the internet.

Chamomile could be given to your dog as tea, but let the dose will be determined by your vet, and make sure the tea doesn’t have any other harmful ingredients in it. Another way to use chamomile in dogs is as a tea solution for the skin and the eyes whenever your dog has inflammation.

If you are keen on making treats on your own for your pooch, you can always consult your vet on how to incorporate chamomile in them. These could be quite useful, especially in cases when your dog is scared of thunder, or they need to visit the vet. Chamomile treats before bed would certainly help your dog relax and have a calm night’s sleep.

Are There Side Effects To Giving Chamomile To Dogs?

As with everything, you should always talk to your vet before introducing chamomile into your dog’s diet. The reason for this is that in some cases, your dog may be on some medication such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, sedatives, or warfarin, and they can interact with the chamomile in a negative way. 

Even though it is rare, some dogs may also show signs of vomiting, diarrhea, skin irritation, or allergic reactions, which may be due to an overdose of chamomile. If you notice any of these symptoms, call your vet right away. Usually, once treated, your furball should have a full recovery.

Conclusion: Does Chamomile Help Dogs?

Whenever you are sitting down in the evening to relax, and you make yourself a cup of chamomile tea, know that it is okay for you to share it with your dog (as long as it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients). But keep in mind that you should do this only if you have talked to your vet about the dose and how to prepare it. 

So, do you plan on giving chamomile to your dog? Let us know your thoughts and why in the comments below!

Dr. Nade Georgieva
Dr. Nade Georgieva
Dr. Nade Georgieva, DVM, PG Dipp (Anesthesia and Analgesia) Nade is a young veterinarian from North Macedonia, with five years of experience in small animal clinical practice. She graduated from the Veterinary Faculty in Skopje, after which she got employed in her hometown. She has shown great interest in the field of pain management and anesthesia, and was the first vet in the country to continue education in the field. In 2021 she graduated with Distinction at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh, obtaining the title Postgraduate Diploma-Anesthesia and Analgesia. Nade is owned by a year old black Labrador retriever named Fred and she loves spending her time outdoors with her dog and friends. In her spare time, she also loves to learn to play the guitar and take photos of nature and animals.