Samoyed playing with a ball in its mouth.

Are Lacrosse Balls Safe For Dogs?

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We always want to find new ways to play with our beloved canine companions. There are the usual suspects, things like squeaky toys and sticks, but what about lacrosse balls? Are lacrosse balls safe for dogs to play with?

Yes, lacrosse balls are safe for dogs. They aren’t toxic to dogs and they can play with them as long as someone is there to keep watch. They are not a choking hazard for dogs unless they are ripped into chunks and the chunks are swallowed.

What Size Ball Is Safe For My Dog?

A Samoyed with a ball toy in its mouth.

The best size balls for a dog to play with are the ones that are small enough to fit in their mouth but big enough to not be swallowed. Different dogs have different mouth sizes, so not all dogs will be able to play with all-size balls. Lacrosse balls are safe for most dogs’ mouths, whereas tennis balls and other smaller balls aren’t.

A dog can chew up a lacrosse ball and swallow the smaller chunks, but as long as you monitor them, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Are Lacrosse Balls Toxic For My Dog?

Lacrosse balls are not toxic to dogs. Lacrosse balls are made of vulcanized rubber which is a combination of natural rubber and other additives. It’s not recommended for dogs to ingest lacrosse balls, but they can have them in their mouths just fine.

As a side note, lacrosse balls did use to have cement in the middle. This is no longer the case though since lacrosse balls are vulcanized rubber all the way through.

What Do I Do If My Dog Swallows A Lacrosse Ball Or Other Foreign Object?

Call The Vet

This should be the first step in any medical or emergency involving a pet. If it’s not possible to get a hold of your main vet, try an emergency vet if one is available. Sometimes, vets will list these emergency contacts on their websites or provide them on an automated message, if you call.

Call Animal Poison Control

If for some reason, no vets are available, there are animal poison control hotlines (here’s one) you can also call. They probably won’t have much info about lacrosse balls or other foreign objects, but they may be able to give you some advice on inducing vomiting or other help.

As The Last Resort, Induce Vomiting

It is very much recommended to let a vet induce vomiting for many reasons. Even with soft objects, it can be dangerous for a dog to throw up. Every dog is a little different and sometimes throwing up can cause more harm than good for certain dog breeds. If, for some reason, you need to induce vomiting as soon as possible, here are the steps you can take.

Steps To Induce Vomiting In Dogs

Before inducing vomiting, look out for things like difficulty breathing, if the dog is vomiting already, or if they consumed something sharp or acidic. In these cases, it’s recommended to contact a vet or poison control helpline.

1. Get a 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

3% hydrogen peroxide irritates a dog’s stomach and works in 10-15 minutes, although it can take close to an hour for the vomiting to stop.

2. Give The Dog The Solution

The suggested dose is 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds (2.27 kilograms) of the dog’s body weight. The maximum dose is 3 tablespoons for dogs 45 pounds (20.41 kilograms) and up. Only induce vomiting if your dog ate the foreign object within the last 2 hours. It’s best to give the dog the solution with a feeding syringe by squirting it between its teeth. Do not let them breathe in the solution.

3. Check On The Dog

Be with your dog throughout the entire vomiting process. Look for signs of difficulty breathing or other abnormal issues. Do the same in the following hours and days, and schedule an appointment with your vet as soon as possible so they can do an official checkup.

It is also recommended to collect a sample of the vomit, if possible, for the vet to inspect.

In Conclusion: Are Lacrosse Balls Safe For Dogs?

Yes, lacrosse balls are safe for dogs to play with. They’re not toxic and, unless they’re chewed up into chunks, they’re perfectly fine for dogs to have in their mouths. They are a great way to have fun with your Samoyed buddy and to help get some of their energy out.

We’re curious about what you think though. What do you think the best toys for dogs are? Let us know in the comments below!