A smiling Samoyed standing in a forest.

Why Are Samoyeds Called Smiling Sammies?

Anyone who knows a Samoyed knows they always seem to be happy. They come to you with that cheerful aura wagging their fluffy white tails, and it feels like all your problems disappear. There are many names to refer to the breed, but people usually choose Sammies, Sams, or Smiling Sammies. But why are Samoyeds called Smiling Sammies anyway? Let’s clarify this matter right now!

Samoyeds are called Smiling Sammies because they appear to always be smiling. The reason is the upturned corners of their mouth, which are very useful to keep them from drooling and, consequently, prevent the formation of icicles. It is basically an adaptive feature to deal with freezing temperatures.

Are Samoyeds Always Happy?

A smiling Samoyed sitting down in a field.

Samoyeds are a very friendly and lively breed that is usually more interested in playing and hanging out with their family than anything else in the world. Because of that, you might think Sammies are always happy and could never express any other emotion, which could explain their nickname. 

However, as with any dog breed, Samoyeds also have moments of sadness and anger. But although “Smiling Sammies” is not related to their happiness, it is related to another explanation of why we think they are always happy.

Why “Smiling Sammies?”

If you have already met a Samoyed, you probably noticed something different about their expression… Something that makes us think they are happy because it is what humans do when they are happy.

Samoyeds smile! Even when they have their mouth closed, it still seems like they are smiling. So, no other nickname could be more appropriate than Smiling Sammies.

What Is The Reason Behind The Smile?

Samoyeds seem to smile due to the upturned corners of their mouths. The breed evolved with this particularity as a protection mechanism against the cold. 

Since Sammies can deal with some of the coldest temperatures in the world, drooling a lot could mean getting some ice around their mouth. So, the upturned corners prevent drooling in order to avoid the formation of icicles.

Do Samoyeds Have Other Ways Of Dealing With The Cold?

To be able to bear extremely low temperatures, Sammies not only have a distinct mouth but also have a very specific coat. Samoyeds’ coats are very thick and comprised of two layers: a superficial one and a deeper one. 

This double-coated fur is very efficient in keeping our furry friends warm. Since the deeper layer is really close to the body and really dense, it prevents the dog from losing heat to the environment and protects them from the cold.

Conclusion: Why Are Samoyeds Called Smiling Sammies?

In conclusion, Samoyeds are called Smiling Sammies because they always appear to be smiling. It’s helpful for them and it makes them even better for us to be around. What a great combination!

Know of any other unique features related to Samoyeds? Maybe you have a special nickname for your Samoyed? Let us know your thoughts and why in the comments below!

Thamiris da Rocha
Thamiris da Rocha
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