A Samoyed sitting against a blue background.

Do Samoyeds Have Nicknames?

Baby, sweetie, buddy, honey, love…The list of nicknames we use for our dogs goes on and on. And since we love to come up with cute alternative names for our beloved ones so much, why would it be different with the nicknames for Samoyeds? So, do Samoyeds have nicknames? Let’s check this out!

Smiling Sammy or Smiley is the main nickname for Samoyeds due to their constant smile and happiness. Sam or Sammie/Sammy are also used by people to tenderly refer to this amazing breed.

How Do People Come Up With Nicknames?

Sometimes the creation of a nickname is so spontaneous we don’t even think about how it happens. Basically, a nickname substitutes the proper name of something or someone. It is also usually a sweeter or funnier way to refer to it. It is almost like the original and full name is too serious to keep using with someone or something we care so much about.

So, with that in mind, there are several ways to originate a new nickname. You can just cut the main name short and use the result. You can also analyze the personality and the characteristics of whatever you are trying to give a name for. And you can even come up with a name based on a funny story that once happened. Whatever the case, nicknames always end up being a nicer and lighter manner to refer to a person, an animal, or a place you like.

Do Samoyeds Have Nicknames?

A Samoyed laying down by a food bowl.
Now that’s a dog worthy of a nickname!

Other than the obvious, which are the shortened versions of Samoyed, Sam, or Sammy that people generally use to refer to the breed in a more loving way, Samoyeds do have another nickname! Since they are a breed that is always happy and are literally always smiling (because the corners of their mouth are curved up), they were given the nickname Smiling Sammy or Smiley. Whoever has had the chance to meet one of these furry white dogs and see how captivating they are will immediately agree with this. 

Are There Other Dog Breeds With Nicknames?

Cute Smileys could not be the only ones to have a nickname, right? It’s true that they’re not the only ones. Let me walk you through some examples.

Boxers are also known as the Peter Pan of the Dogs because they remain cheerful and playful for the rest of their lives as if they never grow old. The nickname Apollo of Dogs could not belong to anyone else other than the Great Danes, since they totally resemble Greek Gods with all their size and magnificence. 

If you look at a Weimaraner lying down quietly with its distinctive grey color and light eyes, you can see it is a total match with the nickname, The Grey Ghost. And the same happens when you look at the face and the wing-resembling ears of The Butterfly Dog, the Papillon, which coincidentally means “butterfly” in French. 

It is always good to remember that not every breed has a special name like these do, but every breed can have a diminutive nickname, such as Aussie for Australian Shepherd and Rottie for Rottweiler. Besides, it is always possible to invent a new way to refer to your friend. Your imagination is the limit in creating the cutest and best ways to refer to your favorite breed!

Conclusion: Do Samoyeds Have Nicknames?

To conclude, our dear and smiling friends have a very appropriate nickname: Smiling Sammies or just Smile. They also have the shortened versions of Samoyed, Sammies, or Sams. And, who knows? There are probably many, many more nicknames people have for these wonderful dogs too!

So, do you use any of these names? What are the nicknames you use for your four-legged friends? Tell us in the comments below!

Thamiris da Rocha
Thamiris da Rocha
Thamiris has been passionate about animals for as long as she can remember. When she was a little kid, she used to ask her parents to stop the car at every corner to try to rescue a dog from the streets and take it home. Years went by and that passion became a graduation in Veterinary Medicine, which she completed in 2019 at Sao Paulo State University (UNESP), the best Vet School in Brazil. Now she is more than happy to share her knowledge with people and help them have more information and a better relationship with these amazing and special souls.