A vet cleaning a dog's ears.

How Many Parts Alcohol To Parts White Vinegar For Dog Ear Cleaner?

Since dogs’ ears can easily accumulate dirt, and this can result in problems such as irritation or infection, it is really important that owners perform regular ear cleanings for them. Choosing the right ear cleaner from the pet store can be difficult, but you can save yourself this trouble by simply mixing alcohol and white vinegar at home. But how can you do the mixture correctly and safely? How many parts alcohol to parts white vinegar for dog ear cleaner? Let me show it to you!

A jar of xylitol with a label next to some more.

Is Xylitol Safe For Dogs?

You may not know what xylitol is, but if you consume sugarless products, you have probably already eaten it. This natural sweetener is used as a sugar substitute in lots of products. But since we have four-legged friends that love to beg for anything that is in our hands and sometimes steal things they are not supposed to, it is important to know: is xylitol safe for dogs? 

A dog half laying on a scale.

How To Tell If My Dog Is Obese?

With the internet’s recent obsession with chubby animals, we are bombarded with posts featuring rotund cats and dogs. With all this imagery, it can be difficult for many owners to recognize the difference between a healthy weight and obesity in their own pets. As a responsible owner, one of the questions you should be asking yourself is, “How do I tell if my dog is obese?”