Frequently Asked Questions

An owner trying to get their dog to listen and jump on on a platform.

What To Do If Your Dog Won’t Listen To You

Many times as owners we have found ourselves in a situation where we need our dog to listen to us, but it simply ignores us. And in those cases we get frustrated, start doubting ourselves, and wonder if maybe we are failing as owners. This article will help you to understand why things like this might be happening and what you could do to solve the problem. Basically, we’re going to help you understand why your dog might not listen to you.

A dog panting with a cone on.

What Do Dog Cones Do?

Your furry friend went to the vet and came out with a rather big funny-looking plastic cone around its neck. Your dog is miserable, unhappy, and confused, and it looks like it is a satellite dish about to receive a greeting from space. Seeing all of this may be just as confusing to you as to your dog, so knowing why dogs wear cones is key to helping them through the process. So, here’s why dogs wear cones.