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What Are The Best Dog Foods?

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Every owner should watch their dog’s diet in the same way they wouldn’t allow a toddler to eat unhealthy food. Since pets are considered family members, they ought to be fed the best dog foods available. Additionally, as your dog gets older and becomes more active, its nutritional requirements may change. So, what are the best dog foods for a dog?

The best dog food should contain a balanced amount of protein, complex carbs, and good fats that can be found in high-quality dog diets. While still meeting all of your pet’s nutritional needs, these additives prevent weight gain. So, one of the greatest methods to manage their weight is to maintain a diet with the best dog foods. Some of the best dog food brands include Royal Canin, Merrick, and Just Food For Dogs.

How To Choose The Best Dog Foods?

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Choosing meals with two to three meat-based components is a wise option for owners. Avoid meals with excessive levels of artificial preservatives or high filler levels, such as rice, maize, and oats. It is recommended for the owner to rotate dog food diets every 2-3 months if they are feeding their dog commercial dog food or homemade food.

If the owner wants to choose a homemade diet, then they will need to use a variety of ingredients. The most important thing to choose a diet is to use recipes that provide complete and balanced nutrition for your dog. Keeping this in mind, different dogs may have different demands. Always seek advice from your vet regarding the best dog foods options.

Ingredients Of The Best Dog Foods

One of the main nutritious ingredients that should be fed to dogs includes grains, vegetables, and various essential oils, as well as sodium chloride. The main goal of dog food for different breeds is to supply enough calories and energy as part of healthy food.

Despite what it may seem, due to their greater metabolic rates, puppies have higher caloric needs than large breeds. To provide the dog with the nutrients they require, the best dog food contains a precise combination of fish, grains, vegetables, and high-protein meals.

Benefits Of The Best Dog Foods

By including healthy fats in the diet, dog owners can improve the health of their dog’s coats. Natural foods like beef, lungs, and trachea include healthy fats that are necessary for giving any sort of fur a lustrous finish. 

A combination of oils in some organic foods can offer your dog several health advantages. It turns out that feeding dogs natural food helps to improve their digestive systems. After studying suffering canines who were given a natural diet without additional flavors or preservatives but solely raw beef (please consult with your vet before giving your dog any raw foods) as an ingredient source for regular meals, the research arrived at this result.

Avoid giving processed dog foods to dogs as they have additional fibers and can result in diarrhea.

What Are The Best Dog Foods?

Overall, the best dog foods owners can give their dogs are the ones vets recommend. So, we always recommend checking with them first. However, here are some options you can bring to them and see if they approve. These dog foods include but are not limited to Royal Canin, Merrick, and Just Food For Dogs.

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a best-selling quality dog food that provides your puppy with nutritious and healthy ingredients. It is an exclusive combination of antioxidants and minerals that support dogs’ developing immune systems and maintain their bodies and the development of strong bones.   

The only disadvantage of using Royal Canin is some dogs have allergic reactions, while some dogs don’t like the hard consistency of the Royal Canin products.


Professional nutritionists created this utilizing local farmers’ fresh ingredients. This is a protein-rich option because it’s the first ingredient in their mixes. Your dog’s bones and joints will benefit from the additional glucosamine and chondroitin.

Just Food For Dogs

By using Just Food For Dogs food products, your dog will get the energy they need from its protein. Just Food For Dogs Food products contain freshly prepared dog food, which is better for dogs and significantly improves the health and dietary needs of the dogs.

In comparison to other food brands, Just Food For Dogs dog food frequently has a higher meat content, which fulfills the protein requirement of your dog. Not only this but ingredients in their food products also nourish the skin and coat of your dog and reduce the chances of rashes and allergies.

How To Make Great Dog Food At Home?

Start by adding 4.5 cups of water to the 8-quart slow cooker, followed by ground beef or cooked beef, brown rice, coconut oil, butter, carrots, peas, and/or other veggies according to the needs of the dog. 

Cover and cook for 4–6 hours or 1-3 hours on either a low or high heat setting, stirring regularly. Feed it to your dog once it has totally cooled.

Since coconut oil contains 91% saturated fats, it is great for dogs’ skin and coat health. By incorporating coconut oil into their diet, dogs’ hair shafts receive greater blood flow, which helps to maintain healthy body metabolism.

As always, consult with your veterinarian before making this or other recipes for your dog.

In Conclusion: Best Dog Foods

Owners should always feed their dogs the highest-quality dog food. The best dog food should include a balanced ratio of beneficial fats, complex carbohydrates, and protein found in premium dog meals. 

Instead of utilizing processed dog can meals, it is usually advised to use brand-name dog foods or homemade dog food. One of the greatest foods a dog owner can give his pets is a limited selection of nutritious foods suggested by a veterinarian or nutritionist.

So, which best dog food option are you going to go with? Let us know your choice and why in the comments below!

Dr. Ameer Hamza
Dr. Ameer Hamza
Dr. Ameer Hamza