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A General Overview Of The Best Dental Products For Dogs

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Dental care is a really important matter for your dog. Taking care of your dog’s oral hygiene is connected to good health. This is a step you should consider starting when your dog is a puppy and continuing all its life while taking the recommendations of your veterinarian. With that said, what are the best dental products for dogs?

The best dental products for dogs are dental chews, treats, bones, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and toys that help with dental care.

When Should I Start Using Dental Products For Dogs?

An owner about to clean a dog's teeth with a finger brush.
Time for a cleaning!

As soon as you get your dog, start a dental care routine. This will be more difficult if you adopt an older dog, but with enough consistency, care, and some guidance from your veterinarian, you can still train a dog in this way.

The important thing is to start slowly. For example, getting your finger near your dog’s mouth. When you graduate to a toothbrush, just moving it near your dog’s teeth or against its teeth. And always, always reward your dog with treats, praise, and love every time it does well with the new routine.

What Are The Best Dog Dental Products To Use?

Below are the dental products we recommend using for your dogs. Let’s start with toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Toothbrush And Dog Toothpaste

These are the primary products that you should use. Brushing your dog’s teeth should be a daily routine, as it is yours.

Tooth brushing is really important in dental cleaning, due to the role of removing the leftover food in your dog’s mouth and stopping plaque creation.

One of the most important things is to not use your own toothpaste. Due to some ingredients, our toothpaste is toxic to dogs. One ingredient is xylitol, which is an artificial sweetener. If this ingredient would be ingested by your dog, it will cause toxic effects, like damaging its liver or lowering its blood sugar.

Dental Chews And Sticks

Dental products such as chews and sticks are really important too, due to their role in removing plaque. You can find them easily in every pet shop and in veterinary clinics too.

The best is to get the proper size for your dog. You can give them to your dog when you have to leave so they have something to occupy them while you’re gone.

Dental Toys

Dental toys are a great product for dental care. When they are a puppy, it is very important to get these toys to them due to their achy gums while their teeth are changing. They will help with the itching and the achy feeling in your puppy’s gums and will keep them away from your slippers. You can still use them with grown-up dogs too.

How To Use Dog Dental Products?

You can start by just touching your dog’s mouth with a finger brush. This product you can find easily in a pet shop. It is like a toothbrush, but very short, and it goes around the end of your finger.

Just begin by just touching your dog’s teeth until it gets used to this routine. Then you can start using dog toothpaste on this toothbrush and start cleaning them regularly. Brushing your dog’s teeth every day is the perfect routine. 

You can easily find dental chews, sticks, or bones . As a note of importance, you have to get the proper one that goes with the size of your dog.

You can find different sorts of dental chews, soft or hard. Soft dental chews help more in cleaning the teeth of leftover food and hard dental chews help in removing plaque.

Try to avoid treats such as pig’s ears that are high in fat because they can lead to health problems such as pancreatitis, obesity, and diarrhea. One dental chew given every day is helpful for the dental hygiene of your dog, or you can also read the recommendation label on the product. 

You can easily find some dental toys that help with dental care too. Just choose a dental toy that is not very hard because it will cause damage to your dog’s teeth. You can check this by just pressing your thumb again the surface. 

The Benefits Of Dog Dental Products

Sure, every pet owner wants to keep their dog healthy.  One important part of a healthy dog is taking care of its teeth with the products that are available. But why is it so important? 

Taking care of your dog’s teeth regularly prevents bad breath. Food and other things stuck to the teeth cause bad breath. If you brush your dog’s breath, you would prevent this

This also prevents gingivitis, painful gum infections, and periodontal disease. This is due to preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar.

What Happens If You Don’t Use Dental Products For Your Dogs?

There is no good in not cleaning your dog’s teeth. The leftover food, the bacteria in the mouth, and the salt of saliva combine to create plaque. If plaque isn’t removed with proper cleaning, it would eventually become tartar.

Tartar will spread at the gum lines if allowed. If tartar is left unchecked, it can cause gingivitis, which can, in turn, cause periodontal disease.

In Conclusion: Best Dental Products For Dogs

So, in conclusion, taking care of your dog’s teeth is a top priority. We hope we’ve helped you even a little bit in this way with our overview of best dental products for dogs.

Let us know in the comments below which dental products for dogs you want to try out first. And let us know how it goes!

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