An elderly person petting their Samoyed while on a couch.

Are Samoyeds Good Dogs For The Elderly?

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Pets can offer much-needed support and companionship for the older generation. However, not all dog breeds are suitable for elderly people to take care of, usually due to their activity or training requirements. So, are Samoyeds good dogs for the elderly?

Due to their size and high energy, Samoyeds are not the best choice for elderly people. They are happiest when having an active life and also require frequent grooming.

Typical Characteristics Of Samoyeds

An elderly person holding their Samoyed while sitting on a couch.
Happy times!

In the past, Samoyeds were used to pull sledges and help herd animals. This is because they are strong dogs with lots of energy. Samoyeds are intelligent dogs that usually enjoy training and family life.

They are also loyal dogs who don’t like being alone for very long. Sometimes they can be mischievous, and they behave best when they’ve had some training (which they usually enjoy).

These dogs also require frequent brushing to keep their fluffy coat healthy and beautiful. 

Overall, Samoyeds should not be the first choice of breed for an elderly person. Their size and character are better suited to younger people or families. This is because Samoyeds have high activity requirements and extra care needs (such as brushing).

An elderly person could still get a Samoyed, but they would have to take the above factors into account.

Good Dogs For The Elderly

Dogs suitable for elderly people are usually smaller breeds with less energy and a calmer temperament. These kinds of dogs can offer great companionship for older people but are less demanding in terms of care and activity.

Below we’ve listed some dog breeds that could be more suitable than Samoyeds for older people:

  • Maltese
  • Shih Tzu
  • Pekingese
  • Pomeranian
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Cavailier King Charles Spaniel

Another option could be to adopt an older dog from a shelter. Adopting dogs from shelters can be especially rewarding and heartwarming.

Conclusion: Are Samoyeds Good Dogs For The Elderly?

Although Samoyeds aren’t the top choice of breed for an older person, some dog breeds with less energy could be the perfect companion for older adults. Ultimately, there’s a dog for everyone. It might just take a little time to find it.

So, what dog do you think would be a good choice for an elderly person? Let us know in the comments below!

Charlotte Stiles
Charlotte Stiles
Charlotte is a final-year veterinary medicine student at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. She has been a volunteer at her university's clinic for 4 years, and completed internships in Spain, Belgium, and Austria. She is also an editor of her university's scientific journal, and dog mum to 13-year-old Chiki, who she rescued from a shelter.