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Are Obedience Classes Worth It?

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You’ve just got your dog. But now, everyone around you advises you to sign the dog up for obedience classes. Are obedience classes worth it, though? 

Obedience classes are worth it, but they are not essential for every dog and every owner. If you already have a dog, you might know a few tips and tricks for how the training goes, so you may not need obedience classes. But it never hurts to have professional help, especially as a new owner or one with a stubborn dog.

Should I Sign My Dog Up For Obedience Classes?

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Looking pretty obedient here.

Dogs need the same care and attention as people do when they learn to walk, talk, and socialize with others. This not only helps the dogs to lead a content, stress-free life but also helps you, the pet owner, to have more control over your dog.

And it goes without saying that obedience classes improve the new bond between you and the dog. 

However, some people successfully trained their dogs all on their own. So, it’s safe to say that home training can work just as effectively as obedience classes if the owner knows what they’re doing. 

There are pros and cons in every situation, and whether obedience classes are worth the money is no exception to this. So, as much as we think your dog can benefit from taking these classes, it’s only fair to list both the advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros Of Obedience Classes

The pros are as follows.

Dogs Receive Effective Training

Obedience classes hire already experienced trainers to train the dogs. And while you might find everything you can regarding training on the world wide web, it’s hard putting it into practice. 

So, if you like proper and effective training and gaining a few tips and tricks along the way, obedience training is the way to go.

Dogs Get The Proper Socialization

Socialization is key when getting a dog. We all want a well-behaved dog that goes along with strangers and other puppies. 

When dogs leave the house, they get distracted by the slightest smells and noises. As a result, they might even show aggressive behavior toward strangers.

Without proper socialization, your dog shows some behavioral issues in their older years. They might even experience separation anxiety if not properly socialized. 

So, to not worry about your dog experiencing massive character changes, taking up a socialization class is a great way to introduce them to other puppies and new environments.

You Get Motivated To Provide The Dog With Proper Training

When training your dog at home, you come across many distractions. You need to catch up with the pace and pay attention to your dog more than you would if you take up obedience classes together. 

Besides, what’s more motivating than investing money into something?

The Cons Of Obedience Classes 

Now that you know the pros of obedience classes, let’s look at the cons.

It’s Less Fun

Nothing is more fun or hard than training your dog on your own. Unfortunately, obedience training deprives you of this. You miss up on all the fun and laughter that goes on when your dog fails (accidentally or on purpose) time and time again to learn a new command. 

It Might Be Costly

Keep in mind that obedience classes are costly. On average, one class costs around $50. So, if you struggle financially or don’t see the reason to spend additional money on something you are confident you can do yourself, it’s not worth it.

Obedience Training Doesn’t End When The Classes Are Over

Many pet owners confuse obedience classes with training. Often they think that after the dog’s gone through the required classes, the job is over. The dog stays trained for the rest of its life.

But that’s not correct. It’s the same as thinking humans do not need to learn anything new once they learn the basics.

Contrary to popular belief, dog training is a long-term commitment, and you still need to pay and train the dog properly at home. Yes, obedience classes are a great way to save time, but remember, you still need to make an effort when you get home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to other questions you might have about obedience training.

What Is the Best Age For Obedience Training?

Although there is no fixed age when dogs need to start their obedience training program, trainers advise dogs to start around 7-9 weeks. This is because, at that time, dogs’ brains are like sponges, and they remember things more easily.

Does Obedience Training Change A Dog’s Personality?

Obedience training is the best way to correct the dog’s behavior, but no, it doesn’t change its personality. Instead, it helps your dog to differentiate between good and bad behavior. 

Final Thoughts: Are Obedience Classes Worth It?

So, are obedience classes worth it? Yes, obedience classes are worth it. But just because they are worth it and effective, that doesn’t mean that your work ends with taking your dog to a few classes, and that doesn’t mean they’re worth it and effective for you.

So, are you considering enrolling your dog in some obedience classes? Let us know your thoughts and why in the comments below!

Sandra is a veterinary undergraduate student based in Macedonia. She combines her two passions: veterinary medicine and writing, and she also tends to raise awareness about animal welfare as much as she can. As a student, she has attended many seminars and conferences related to the veterinary profession, and currently, she is focused on veterinary content writing. Although she owns a cat, she strongly claims that “dogs are her favorite people”.